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A(P)-11 Assassination Robot

by Brendan O'Donovan

This robot was designed for deep security penetration and assassination missions. Externally the robot appears human, although fairly heavily built, and the robot can appear convincingly human in simple dialogue, although while it is fluent in all major languages, it is not an amazing conversationalist. Power consumption was a problem for the designers and one of the robot's major weaknesses is its extremely limited endurance. For long insertion missions the robot often carries additional fuel supplies, but for most purposes the robot's endurance is sufficient.

The robot is designed for stealth and it's synthetic skin incorporates a chameleon surface which can render it practically invisible when it remains still for 1D20 combat rounds. EMM masking underneath the skin can hide the robot from IR sensors, or be used to produce an IR signature which matches a human.

The robot's internal armament consists of a large bore gauss weapon which fires rounds at 300m/s, inaudible beyond a few feet and producing no muzzle flash. For a graduated response the robot carries internally two switchable magazines, one carrying conventional rounds, and another carrying HEAP rounds for situations where stealth can be compromised in exchange for increased striking power.

The soluble rounds consist of a discarding sabot which is retained within the weapon, and a biodegradeable polymer bullet which contains bacteria which are released on impact, digesting the bullet within an hour. These rounds were designed to intimidate lower technology targets by playing on superstitious fears, and also provides the political advantages of causing confusion over the wounds, and leaving no rounds which could be identified.

Disclaimer: The above is obviously a poorly justified plot device. However I like it, so I included it, don't flame me for technical details, think up an alternative that improves the plot and post it. Also, please excuse any glitches in the plot or setting, it taken a long time to type this.......

A(P)-11 Assassination Robot

General Data

Tech Level: 16
Price: 3,106,000 Cr
Size: m3
Mass: 0.249 tonnes

Engineering Data

Power Plant: High grade hydrocarbon distillates (18.9dm^3)
Maint: 1


Logic: High Autonomous
Intelligence: 6
Computer: None
Avionics: None
Sensors: 500m NAS, Visual Eye, WSV eye, Image Enhancement, Telescopic Optics, Light Amplification, Artificial ear, amplified hearing, low frequency hearing, high frequency hearing, sonar,
ECM/ECCM: subdermal EMM masking.
Cargo: None
Peripherals: DataJack, Inertial Navigation, Target Link, Display interface, Rangefinder, multiband radio receiver, grapple hand, voder. 'Looking glass' chameleon skin,

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftHitUMDWeapon AMD
Left 5 3 125 11 2 - -
Right 5 3 120 11 2 - -


Offensive: Subsonic Gauss Weapon built into right arm.
Defensive: None
Stablization: None

ROF Dam Pen Ammo Rng Subsonic Gauss Weapon 5 3 1-Nil 30 23 Soluble Rounds 5 12 2-2-2 30 17 HEAP


Travel Move: 45
Combat Move: 10
Endurance: 5.4hrs high power usage, endurance is doubled when not moving.


Head: 14
Chest: 14
Abdomen: 14
Arms: 14
Legs: 14

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