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Scout Walkabout Armored Suit

design by Lewis Roberts

The Scout walkabout armored suit is designed to provide a mobile environment for IISS personal exploring new and possibly dangerous worlds. The same strength enhancing powered exoskeleton used in Imperial BattleDress allows the user to carry a great deal of equipment.

The armor features looking glass capabilites to allow the user to observe native life forms without disturbing them. The armor has many power outlets to feed power to different carried devices. It also has hooks so the Scout can attach and carry the devices.

The suit was based on a design in Megatraveller Journal #1 and was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Scout Walkabout Armored Suit

General Data

Tech Level: 15
Armor Value: 3
Initiative Penalty: -1 Initive -0 Dexterity
Armor Mass: 192 kg
Endurance: 10 hours
Armor Price: 238,678 Cr
Power: Fuel Cell 0.013 MW/hour. As listed the suit requires .0118MW, which leaves .0012 MW/hour for extra equipment.
Fuel: 0.026kl.
Standard Equipment:


The suit as listed only weighs .1917 tons, which leaves 183kg for extra equipment. It also has a .0012 MW/hour power surplus. Scouts often use this to carry extra sensor equipment, biological & geological samples, oxygen tanks or random tools.

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