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Talon Medium Battledress

design by Jon Goff

Anyhow, this is the standard BattleDress for the New Earth Republic. (For Details on the NER, see the Rim League on the Peri page) It contains many electronic goodies, and some integral weapons. The thing is capable of carrying 24kg of "Cargo" (ie equipment) without slowing down. The thing is powered by a fuel cell, so it has good endurance, and can be refueled with LHyd in no-time flat. Of course if you run out of Hydrocarb distillates, you better hope you have some cheap whiskey, some replacement catalysts, and a VERY understanding technical crew.....

Anyhow, compared to RCES Light Battledress: Lighter, Heavier Armor, more goodies, greater endurance, integral weapons, and Cheaper too....Of course it doesn't have WSV goggles, and it can't be repowered from a plug socket, but oh well. With the fuel being only 3.65kg of LHyd, it is rather small, and light. Heck, with some of the empty space you could give it a week's fuel.

Talon Medium Battledress

General Data

Tech Level: 10
Armor Value: 8
Initiative Penalty: Initive-2, Agility-3
Armor Mass: 420 kg.
Endurance: 20 hours, including 10 hours of Jammer/Designator operation.
Armor Price: 136,558 Cr
Power: Fuel Cell
Fuel: 3.65kg of LHyd
Standard Equipment:
Integral Weapons:
PGMP DV:21 Pen Rtg:21-21-11-2 Short Range:100m Recoil: 7


24kg left over for cargo and extra equipment. The suit as listed only weighs 396 kg, which leaves 24 kg for extra equipment. Note the armor as a whole is TL-10, but the the fuel cell, and 7mm ACR could be made on TL 7 and TL9 (respectively) worlds.
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