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Black Talon Special Forces Strike Battledress

design by Jon Goff

The weapons are fully detatchable, and servicable separately. The 4.3cm PGMP has an additional chamber for firing lower power TL10 rounds, thus making logistics easier. In fact, all ammo can be replaced by a TL10 world. The TL10 PGMP is rather weak, but still more powerful than most sniper rifles. The best long range weapon is definitely the six packs. With a maximum effective range of 800m, these are extremely fast, and capable of opening up even the heaviest Battledress. They are also capable of badly damaging the surface elements on spacecraft, and lightly armored vehicles can be easily destroyed by them. The PGMP while packing more "oompfh" also carries a lot less ammo. And since the higher TL ammo cannot be replaced, it is used sparingly. However, the lower power TL10 ammo is used rather frequently, as a reload is only Cr300. The laser in thin atmospheres is a fairly capable anti-infantry weapon, however the designator, and jammer must both be off to use the laser. The Needler is probably the weakest weapon, however due to its nearly unlimited cheap ammo, it is the most used weapon. Short ranged, medium damage to unarmored targets, this gun is just vicious. However, the jammer, and designator must be off, and the HEPlaR operating at a max of 310kph in order to fire the weapon.

The claws are for the more "quiet disposal methods" that Special Forces agents prefer. The siren on the other hand is merely a fun trademark. As the Talons swoop in, the siren lets out a piercing screech. Cliched but oh well. Lastly, the suit can be refueled by any starship or vehicle carrying LHyd, and it can carry an additional 12.728kg without incurring any weight penalty to agility or initiative. Also, since the weapons are modular, many times the Black Talons will drop the expensive Fusion Gun for more cargo capacity. In EVA the Eagles are typically transported by the Nighthawk BattleTaxi (which I haven't designed yet), and are fitted with O2 tanks. Also, the lighter HEPlaR pack is often replaced by a heavier version which is discarded once the ship has been boarded.

Black Talon Special Forces Strike Battledress

General Data

Tech Level: 12
Armor Value: 12
Initiative Penalty: Initive-0, Agility-0
Armor Mass: kg.
Endurance: 24 Hours.
Armor Price: 136,558 Cr
Power: 19 kW Fuel Cell
Fuel: ??
Standard Equipment: Gturns 3.2 G-hours
Max Speed: 400kph
Max NOE: 40kph
Combat move: 6/56
Integral Weapons:
Weapon Stats:


24kg left over for cargo and extra equipment. The suit as listed only weighs 396 kg, which leaves 24 kg for extra equipment. Note the armor as a whole is TL-10, but the the fuel cell, and 7mm ACR could be made on TL 7 and TL9 (respectively) worlds.
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