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Oriflamme Light Assault Armor

design by Kyle Platte

Because of my love for the movie and its flavor, I have decided to model the RC marines after the Colonial Marines in "Aliens". In this spirit, I have designed a set of armor to be worn over the RC bodysuit similar to the Colonial Marine body armor. I am indebted to the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual by Leo Brimmcombe-Wood for technical assistance. A really well done book. I will attempt to convert other items from this source to Traveler equipment as I get the time and initiative. Please note that some of these figures are fudged: I could find no useful stats for a small IR flashlight or the camera. The 3km communicator in FFS was also unacceptable as it used 500 watts of power to operate! Please feel free to comment on the design or the math: Iım happy with the former but a little wobbly with the latter.

The entire suit is capable of being constructed at TL-9. Since the adoption of the RC bodysleeve, it has become the standard light armor for Oriflamme marines and elite army troops. It is also becoming popular as a cheaper alternative to powered armor for RCES and RCN forces. When fully sealed and provided with an air supply, the armor is impervious to biological and most chemical attacks. It is waterproof and airtight. The armor is made in five different sizes and is tailored to an individual through adjustable straps, overlapping plates and a bit of duct tape. As the plates are not flexible, a hammer is not recommended. Very small people and the obese cannot wear this armor. Only human versions are made at this time.

Carapace: The armor consists of articulated plates in separate sections for torso, arms and legs. The carapace has no internal harness and requires an RC bodysleeve to be worn underneath. Pieces may be worn as needed: the chest piece, arms and legs all detach and can be worn individually. The plates are made of TL-8 composite laminates: predominately titanium and boron with a fabric lining to catch spalling. The carapace will automatically transfer waste heat from the bodysleeve, radiating from the backs of the legs and shoulders, the buttocks, and through the tail of the helmet. The arms of the suit come with armored gauntlets that will seal the hands against the elements (and even vacuum) but are too clumsy to allow delicate hand movements. The gloves can be removed to perform any complex tasks. There are attachments on the armor for a backpack/web gear as well as the ML-2 lantern (see below).

Helmet: In addition, the armor has a full-face helmet made of 0.5cm composite laminate with an articulated lobster-tail protecting the back of the neck. It has an integral respirator/filter mask and attachments for connecting to an air supply. A flexible collar can attach to the bodysuit to make the helmet airtight. The soldier can communicate with an integral 3-km encrypted communicator. The radios are intended for short range tactical communications but can be relayed through more powerful transceivers or directly connected to them. The radio has a small attached camera capable of seeing into the visible and IR spectrum. The image from this camera is relayed directly to a command center through the radio network: the wearer has no access to the picture being played. The radio and camera can be removed from the helmet liner and worn as a headset if needed. The unit runs off batteries that are clipped to the web gear of the soldier. In addition, the helmet holds flip-down IR goggles (100m short rng). A small IR penlight in the helmet can be used to read maps and documents. All of the electronics are rugged and simple; capable of withstanding dirt, water and pressures up to 4 atmospheres.

ML-2 lantern: The lantern is a rugged lantern that operates in either the visible or IR spectrum. The batteries have a 3 day lifespan in either mode and the light can be turned off when not needed. The lamp can be worn on the armored carapace, shining over the soldiers left shoulder or removed as an independent unit. The lamp has a small folding tripod built in so it may be used as a remote light.

Oriflamme Light Assualt Armor

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Armor Value:
Initiative Penalty: Initive-1, Agility-1
Armor Mass: 20.4 kg
Stored Volume: 42.5 liters
Endurance: Unlimited
Armor Price: 3020 Cr
Power: None
Fuel: None
Standard Equipment:


SectionWeightArmor ValueCostVolume
Chest armor 9.6 kg 2 960 Cr 20 liters
Leg armor 4.8 kg 1 480 Cr 15 liters
Arm armor 1.6kg 1 160 Cr 5 liters
Helmet 3.9kg 3 1250 Cr 2 liters

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