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Cougar Assualt Battldress

design by Nick Bradbeer

Nebula Award Entry

Well, here's what's done of my entry - a little late, I know. And not very neat. Sadly, some of the 'shiny' stuff I wanted to put in was just too damn heavy, so no reactive armour, alas. The design is hideously goldplated (onboard fusion reactors, anyone?); but that is perhaps unavoidable given the design intent.

The Cougar is classified as Assault Battledress, in that it is designed to maximise the combat effectiveness of one operator at the expense of cost and maintainability. It returns very poor value for money if used to equip regular army units, but is valuable for heavy combat situations where a small number of troops must operate against a superior foe, especially if the enemy is equipped with armour and heavy weapons.

The suit costs 426,000 Cr without packs, of which 16,000 represents the PAR and a further 60,000 the flight systems.250,000 accounts for the exoskeleton, and 20,000 for the reactor.

The suit is capable of flying, with NoE speed limited to 40kph (or 190kph if the light avionics/survival pack is carried) or 400 kph at higher altitudes. Acceleration over short periods is at 1G burning the HEPlaR at full power - downrating to 10% thrust will allow 350 kph to be maintained and extend fuel endurance to 240 hours continuous thrust.

Normal armament is the Plasma Assault Rifle; a quad-barrel high-rate of fire weapon with an impressive output. This is backed up by an integral laser pistol mounted in the right wrist of the suit, alongside the designator assembly. An alternate armament is provided by the Infantry Particle Accelerator, known to the troops as the Zipgun for the sound and light display caused by bremstralung when it's fired. Specialist weapons carried in packs include the Armour Penetrating Laser (or Apple), lethal against large numbers of lightly armoured troops, and the Specialist Multipurpose Utility Launcher, with rounds ranging from conventional HE and HEAP up to tactical nuclear.

Normal kitting out for a squad of eight might be:

General Data

Tech Level: 15
Armor Value:
Initiative Penalty: AGL -2, INIT -2
Armor Mass: ??? kg
Stored Volume: ??? liters
Endurance: 2 months
Armor Price: 426,000Cr
Power: 600 kW Fusion Reactor
Fuel: 2 months fuel
Standard Equipment: Air Tanks - 2UHP 24 hours, 2x400w Spotlights, Inertial Nav and SatNav receivers, Atmospheric Tester and Rad Counter, 2 Hardpoints for 60kg utility packs, Contragrav, 200kg HEPlaR Chamber w. 24 hours thrust, IR and visual spectrum background matching, Psionic shieldind (for those pesky Zho's)
Helmet Sensor Suite: WSV, 3km scrambled, frequency agile radio, 3km laser designator / SecureCom, Hand Computer for notes, mission data, Microflight computer for suit systems, and Integral Laser Pistol

Integral Laser Pistol

30kJ 4cm DEI Pistol: 3.2kg
Short Range: 250m
SA5: Dam9
SA5 x 5: Dam 4
Bulk: 3
Magazine: Infinite

Plasma Assault Rifle

250kJ TL15 Bullpup Fusion Rifle 4-Barrel longarm
ROF: SA5 / Auto-3
Magazine: 30-round box,
Magazine Mass: 6.9 kg
Dam: 15
Pen: (I can't remember and I left Striker at uni)
Recoil: SS-1, Burst-2
Short Range: 75
TotalMass: 25.6 kg loaded

Infantry Particle Accelerator

200 kW TL-15 CPAW Rifle 110x32cm tube
Short Range: 50m
Damage 50:67 100:47 200:33 400:23
Mass: 112kg, plus 70kg pack
Note: Suit is 10% overloaded when carrying PAW and pack.

Armour Penetrating Laser Pack

TL-15 400kJ 3cm DEI Laser
Short Range: 80m
At SA5: Dam 32-32-30-15, PenRtg 1-1-Nil-Nil
At SA5x5: Dam Val 10-10-9-5, Pen Rtg Nil
At SA5x50: Dam Val 4-4-4-2, Pen Rtg Nil
Bulk 7:
Magazine Infinite
Total mass: 40kg
Note: Laser mounted behind left shoulder, in upper pack.

Specialist Multipurpose Utility Launcher

80mm Medium Velocity Automatic Grenade Launcher 10-calibre, no stock, electronic sight, gyrocompensation
Magazine: 19-round cassette
Direct Fire Range: 160
Indirect Fire Range: 1000
ROF: Auto-5
Bulk: 11
Recoil: SS-2, Burst-6
HE: C16, B30 Pen 5C
HEAP: C11 B25 Pen 89C
CHEM: C2 B10
Shot: 3x24 Pen 1-Nil
0.1kT Tactical Nuclear: 25/30/30/100/200
Mass: 19kg Launcher, 100kg for 19 round cassette
Note:Launcher tube behind left shoulder, tube folds down behind back when set to Safe.

Sensor/Ew Pack

Sensors:50-meter Neural Activity Sensor, 3000km Laser Uplink, 30km Passive EMS Array, 10km Area Jammer
Total Mass: 52.5 kg

Cargo Pack

Up to 56kg Cargo
Total Mass: 60kg

Avionics/Survival Pack

Features: TL-15 Terrain Following avionics, Emergency Recue Beacon, Desert Survival Kit, Solar Vaporator, & 3 man/weeks combat rations.
Total Mass: 54kg

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