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by Derek Stanley

In an attempt to make your next journey into the Wilds a safer and less stressful one, we here at Myopic Industries have created a series of preloaded Decoy Dispensers. These Dispensers can be loaded into any starship hull with minimal modifications to the vessel and with a turn around time of less than 24 hours in most B Class or greater starports (Installation times not guarantied in C Class or lower starports).

Each dispenser contains one-hundred decoys of either Flare, Arisol, or Chaffe, customers preference. Now you're probably wondering how much space piece of mind like that is going to take out of your cargo hold. Four cubic meters? No. Three Cubic meters. No. Not even two cubic meters will disappear from your cargo hold.

Why you ask? Why's that? That's because each Myopic Decoy Dispenser has a volume of only one cubic meter, an a mass of just 1.5 tons. Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "That's a pretty small package for that kind of piece of mind, what's it gonna set me back?" You may think that piece of mind like that doesn't come cheap but exactly what price would you put on a human life, your life? The life of your husband? Your wife? Your children? Think about it and when you've thought it over long and hard, then tell me what price is to expensive for your safe return home.

TL-12 Myopic Industries Decoy Dispener

(Pre-loaded with 100 decoys, either: Anti-Laser Arisol, Flare, Chaffe)
Volume: 1 m3
Mass: 1.5 tons
Price: 2.501 MCr
Reloads Price: 2.5 MCr
Note:Decoy Dispenser can be loaded with any combination of the listed decoys so long as the total number of decoys does not exceed 100.

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