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New Materials

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This is a table of manufacturing materials, from TL 7 to 17. The benchmark material is Ultrahigh Density Polymer - which in actual life is Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. From the fact that 25mm of this material stops a 0.38 cal slug at 150mm I derived it's toughness of 0.4, and reverse-engineered the High Density Polymer value (Which is High Density Polyethylene). The next two entrys on the table are derived from UHMWPE too, and are dervived from the techniques of ion-implantation (where accelerated ions are injected into the bulk of the material and provide additional cohesive force), and filling where a material's properties are enhanced through the inclusion of a matrix of another material. The manufacture takes place in zero-g, where the crystalline structure of the polymer can be grown to greater tolerances.

The ion-enhanced metal composite consits of thin layers of complementary metals bonded by ion implantation. The TL10+ advances are a mix of the aforementioned techniques and the standard FFS TL10+ materials technology.

Manufacturing Materials Table
TL Type Toughness Mass Price Comments
7 High Density Polymer 0.15 0.95 0.0009 2/7 less tough than UHD Polymer
8 UltraHigh Density Polymer 0.4* 0.93 0.0023 25mm stops 0.38cal at 150mm
9 IonEnhanced Crystalline Poly 0.6* 0.91 0.0031 0.0025MCr TL10+
9 Filled IECP 0.7** 0.91 0.0032 0.0026MCr TL10+
9 IonEnhanced Metal Composite 6*** 3 0.0090 0.0049MCr TL10+
10 Aligned IEMC 8*** 4 0.0052
12 SD Polymer/Metal Composite 3** 1.2 0.0028
14 Bonded Poly/Metal Composite 6*** 1.2 0.0040
17 Bonded Coherent P/MC 10*** 1.2 0.0067


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