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Versatile Mine Emplacement Vehicle

design by Nick Bradbeer

Essentially just a big solid fuel rocket in the shape of a standard missile, the Versatile Mine Emplacement Vehicle (VMEV) deploys a number of mines from a standard missile launcher. For example, a Valor class missile corvette could deploy 120 Alpha mines in a half-hour from its four missile barbettes.

Controlled by the robot brain of the aft-most mine, the VMEV burns off its motor quickly, then releases the individual mines, which adjust their courses with their own onboard motors to take up their allotted position.

Versatile Mine Emplacement Vehicle

General Data

Volume: 7m3
Mass: 1 tonne (plus payload)
Cost: 4000 cr (plus payload)
Payload: 6 Alpha mines
or: 4 Alpha mines and 1 Miracle mine
or: 2 Alpha mines and 2 Miracle mines
or: 3 Miracle mines
Motor: 1m3 EAplac Rocket, 100 tonnes for 8 minutes (1 G-turn)

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