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450mm Super Gun

design by Lewis Roberts

The perfect weapon for your friendly neighborhood TED. The Super Gun is designed as a terror weapon. At its maximum range it is fairly inaccurate. But if firing at an enemy country, the shell will still land somewhere, and hopefully on something important. Examples of such attacks are the SCUD Missle attacks during the Iran-Iraq Gulf War (Pre-Stellar Terran History).

The weapon was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

450mm Super Gun

General Data

Price:111,916 Cr
TL: 6
Ammo: 1 x 450mm-6 RAP
Bore Size: 45 cm
Length: 45m
Muzzle Energy: 700 MJ
Weight: 84.5 tonnes
Carriage Weight: 350 tonnes
Loading Assistance Weight: 8.4 tonnes
Total Weight: 442.5 tonnes
Range: 134 KM
Reload Time: 630 turns (52.5 minutes)
Crew: 45
Price: MCr 2.48


Indirect Firing Sights. Fire Direction Centers were not installed, because at TL-6 the range the weapon far outstrips the range of the centers.

All of the below artilery shells are Rocket Assisted Projectiles. The weight of the projectile, RAP, and propellant is 13.5 tonnes

450mm Shells
Type Damage Pen Val Price (MCr)
HE C:253 B:159 61C .125
Chem C:3 B:253 Nil .05
RDM C:0 B:1013 Nil .50

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