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20mm/L200 Screamer Autocannon

by Antti Lahtinen

The Screamer is a vehicle-mounted rotary-barrel autocannon, roughly similar as old Solomani Vulcan (PIVAD) air defense gun. Screamer is fully stabilized and computer controlled, and thus it can be installed as a remote mount to any suitable vehicle. While electric action would be much lighter, the recoil-operated Screamer is self- powered, and can also be fired from separate carriage.

The Screamer and two 1200-round magazines can be fitted within 1 m3 volume. Normal ammo mix is proximity-fused HE rounds (HEPX) and contact-fused HEAP rounds.

20mm/L200 Screamer autocannon

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 9
Ammo : 20 mm
Muzzle Energy: 0.134 MJ
Weapon Length: 200 cm gun tube
Weapon Weight: 0.588 ton vehicle mount
Weapon Price: 0.06258 MCr
Magazine Weight: 0.412 ton, (1200 rounds), 5 turns to change magazine
Magazine Price: 21 Cr
Ammo Weight: 0.34 kg
Ammo Price: APFSDS 3.7Cr, APFSDSDU 6.7Cr, HE 2.7Cr, HEAP 3.7Cr WP 4.7Cr, Illum 2.7Cr, Flechette 10.7 Cr, Chaff 4.7 Cr
Gun Crew: 1 for direct fire
Volume: 0.792 m3 (0.588 m3 gun, 0.204 m3 magazine)
Features: 5 rifled barrels, recoil-operated action, optic rangefinder, digital ballistic computer, advanced stabilization
Notes: Using small-arms damage formula, the KE damage value is 24. Range finder ignores 2 Diff Mods.
AmmoROF DamDice Pen Val S Range
APFSDS 50 4(23) 8/7/6/4 600
APFSDSDU 50 4(23) 10/9/8/5 600
AmmoROFConc/Burst Pen Val S Range
HE50 C: 1, B: 5 Nil 460
HEAP50 C: 1, B: 5 17C 460
WP50 C: 1, B: 5 Nil 460
ILUM50 B: 50 Nil 460
Flechette50DS 45x90 1-Nil 460
Chaff50 B: 50 Nil 460

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