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15mm Rotary Cannon

by Idiot/Savant

A large-caliber rotary cannon commonly mounted on aircraft, or used as a point-defence weapon. The weapon has six barrels, giving a high rate of fire, and is fitted with a TL-6 optic rangefinder (incorporated into the price and mass) for increased range. Higher-tech versions are usually casette-fed, and replace the optic rangefinder with a laser system, increasing the range still further when used with APDS ammunition.

The recoil and range stats below have been calculated for a vehicle-mounted weapon.

15mm Rotary Cannon

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 6
Ammo : 15*80mm-6
Muzzle Energy: 26154J
Weapon Length: 215 cm
Weapon Weight: 110.7 kg empty.
Weapon Price: 27,512Cr
Magazine Weight: 141.4 kg per 1000 round belt
Magazine Type: Belt
Ammo Price: Cr 2.83; Cr 2830 for a 1000-round belt.
Features:Optic Rangefinder. Casette feed available at TL-7 [1000-round casette masses 143.4 kg and costs Cr 4245.]
AmmoROF DamDice PenRtg Bulk Magaz SS S Range
15*80mm ball-6 50 11 2-2-3 14 1000 - 600
15*80mm APDS-8 50 11 1-1-2 14 1000 - 600 (720)
15*80mm HEAP 50 11 2-2-2 14 1000 - 450

I'm not sure about the range on this one; does the addition of fire-control equipment allow you to avoid the normal 300m maximum short range?

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