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Rheinmetall Rh 33 Mag

by Antti Lahtinen

Here is a modular weapon system for the Solomani GrPz-IV Grav Tank.

Rheinmetall Rh 33 Mag

Rh 33 Mag is a self-powered weapon system designed for the 2.5-ton Solomani grav tank (GrPz-IV). The system consists of a remote-controlled main turret with 30mm 3-barrel mass driver, and a 3.85mm VRF gauss gun mounted on a small turret atop of the main turret.

While Rh 33 Mag has lacks the range of the standard X-ray laser turret, the mass driver is extremely nasty weapon on close range, and can knock holes on Imperial heavy grav tank on all practical ranges.

Rheinmetall Rh 33 Mag

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 14
Volume :
Mass: J
Weapon Price: 1.15846 MCr
Armament: Turret-mounted TL-14 3cm mass driver autocannon, VRF gauss gun on small turret. (Note: While the main weapons can be replaced, GrPz-IV still retains its retractable missile bay)
Fire control: Imaging radar and TL-14 point defense ballistic computer (ignore 5 Diff Mods, halve speed modifier of ballistic targets)
Stabilization: Advanced (fire at any speed) for both weapons
Ammo: 2400 rounds of 3x15cm BSD penetrators (segmented BSD rod encased in ceramic magnet; Cr48 each, Cr115,200 for full load of 2400), and 10,000 rounds of 3.85mm gauss ammunition (steel bolt; Cr360 for full load of 10,000)
Reloading: Magazine is 0.509 m3, 2.57 tons loaded; reloading requires 20 seconds from 3-man team with grav lifter. Battery is reloaded using while's power plant or external power supply (6 MW power plant reloads one shot in 5 seconds).
AmmoROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
Rh 33 Mag Mass Driver 5 291 466-456-446-426 2400 1600m

Notes: 1.06 kg projectiles, 6 km/s muzzle velocity, 19 MJ muzzle energy. HPG and battery are within the main hull, while the gun, loader, sights and magazine are within the main turret. Weapon system fits within 1-ton (14 m3) turret socket.

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