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7cm L75 ETC Autocannon

by Idiot/Savant

A hypervelocity smoothbore ETC autocannon used as the primary armament on the Oriflammen Marine Corps' Cavalry Vehicle and MBT. It is usually mounted with an imaging radar rangefinder and TL-8 point defence ballistic computer.

The OMC often provides small quantities of TL-10 or -12 ammunition for this weapon.

TL-9 7cm L75 ETC Autocannon

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 9
Ammo : 7 cm
Muzzle Energy: 6.9 MJ
Weapon Length: 5.25 m gun tube
Weapon Weight: 0.8073 ton vehicle mount
Weapon Price: 0.014283 MCr
HPG Weight: 0.0828 T
HPG Price: MCr 0.00414
Power requirement: 0.414 MW
Magazine Weight: 1.8483 T (200 rounds); 7.3932 T (800 rounds)
Magazine Price: MCr 0.000092 (200 rounds); MCr 0.000368 (800 rounds)
Ammo Weight: 9.15 kg
Ammo Price: APFSDSDU-9 Cr 196; APFSDSCI Cr 226; APFSDSSD Cr 256; HEAP Cr 106; HE Cr 76; Flechette Cr 316.
Gun Crew: 1 for direct fire
Volume: 0.8901 kL (not including magazine)
Features: Electric action.

Weapon Stats

RoundROFDam ValPen ValDanger SpcShort RngPriceWeight
7cm L75 ADFSDSDU-9SA531139-129-119-99 Nil 740Cr 1969.15 kg
7cm L75 ADFSDSCI-10SA531204-194-184-164 Nil 740Cr 2269.15 kg
7cm L75 ADFSDSSD-12SA531225-215-205-185 Nil 740Cr 2569.15 kg
7cm L75 HEAPSA5C:6 B:1877C Nil 550Cr 1069.15 kg
7cm L75 HESA5C:10 B:224C Nil 550Cr 769.15 kg
7cm L75 FlechetteSA52/1Nil28 * 110550Cr 3169.15 kg

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