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TL-9 Naval SMG

by Idiot/Savant

A high-ROF SMG firing the 10*7.5mm round normally used in snub pistols. Favoured by Naval security troops for shipboard use during the Last Imperium. The Naval SMG is capable of SA fire and 3, 5, or 10 round bursts, as well as launching standard RAM grenades. TL-10 laser sights are a common addition to the weapon, and have no effect on recoil.

TL-9 Naval SMG

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 9
Ammo : 10 x 17.5 mm IN-8
Muzzle Energy: 998 joules
Weapon Length: 48 cm (68 cm when stock extended)
Weapon Weight:3.8 kg loaded, 3.1 kg empty (includes weight of empty box magazine)
Weapon Price: Cr 784 (includescost of empty box magazine)
Magazine Weight: 1.1 kg loaded, 0.4 kg empty
Magazine Price: Cr 17.2 (Ball loaded), Cr 30.4 (DS or HE loaded), Cr 43.6 (HEAP loaded); Cr 4 (empty)
Features:Folding shock absorbing stock, muzzle brake, grenade adaptor. Laser sight optional.
AmmoROF DamDice PenRtg Bulk Magaz SSBurst S Range
10*17.5mm ball3/5/1021-Nil3601/1/2/480 (81)
10*17.5mm HEAP3/5/1032-2-23601/1/2/460 (61)
10*17.5mm HE3/5/103Nil3601/1/2/460 (61)
10*17.5mm DS3/5/1021-2-Nil3601/1/2/4100 (97)
10*17.5mm Tranq3/5/10-1Nil3601/1/2/430 (49)

Notes: 10-rd burst recoil with TL-9 laser sight is reduced to 3. TL-10 laser sight has no effect on recoil.

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