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10-mm Advanced Combat Rifle

by Antti Lahtinen

"There isn't much I can say about this gun. It come to our posession through a free-trader, who got it from who-knows-where." "The gun is a 10mm ACR with build-in 30mm underbarrel grenade launcher. It fires similar caseless ammunition as used in old Solomani M41 pulse rifle." "The action is a recoil-operated floating system, and has roughly similar shock absorber as found in antique HKG11 assault rifles. The action can be set to fire semi-automatic, fully automatic, or 3-round autobursts, but the autofire recoil is quite strong." "The launcher has tubular magazine and very simple semi-automatic feed system. Individual grenades are pushed into the magazine through this feed port, and a chambered grenade may be launched by pressing a secondary trigger, located here, just under the main trigger in the pistol grip. When the ACR is held in normal firing position, the user may fire bullets with index finger and grenades with middle finger." "The optic sight located on top of the carrying handle has two sets of reticles. The ring reticle is used when firing bullets, and crosshairs are used with grenade launcher. A folding ladder-sight can be used when firing grenades on long ranges." "The origin and manufacturer of the gun is unknown since there is no markings except a six-figure serial number and figures '10Rk28' stamped on the receiver housing."

10-mm ACR

Weapon Details
Tech Level: TL-10
Ammo : 10x24mm TL-9 telescoped caseless
Muzzle Energy: 4701 joules
Weapon Length: 86 cm including attached launcher
Weapon Weight: 4.824 kg loaded, 3.276 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price: 2203 Cr
Magazine Weight: 0.588 kg loaded, 0.135 kg empty
Magazine Type: 30-round box
Magazine Price: 2 Cr
Ammo Price: 0.3 Cr (Ball)
Features: Bullpup stock, optic sight, long muzzle brake, shock absorber, attached 30mm GL.
Note: Recoil of attached grenade launcher is (S:1, B:1).
AmmoROF DamDice Pen Val Bulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
Ball 3/10 5 2-3-Nil 5 30 2 3/10 80 (83.2)
DS 3/10 5 1-2-3 5 30 2 3/10100 (99.8)

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