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PLPS-15 Body Pistol

by Rupert Boleyn

This pistol is SolSec's body pistol and ultimate descendant of the .22 pistols popular with some professional assassins in the late 20th century AD. It is made entirely of low profile synthetics and ceramics, and is effectively invisible to TL14- security sensors. The late 3rd Imperium's news and entertainment media often call this 'The SolSec Assassin's Gun', which is somewhat of an exaggeration, as it is standard issue to all of SolSec's security agents who might need one. The PLPS-15's magazine only hold 10 rounds in order to keep the whole weapon as thin as possible to reduce the chances of a 'pat down' detecting it. The damage of '3' for HE(AP) is because of the high TL, if you assume that exposives don't get much better after TL10-12 (as FF&S does for large washeads), just change the damage to '2'.

PLPS-15 Body Pistol

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 15
Ammo : 5x15mm TL-15 straight
Muzzle Energy: 144 J (Tranq: 86J)
Weapon Length: 13.8 cm (19.8 cm with silencer)
Weapon Weight: 0.973 kg loaded, 0.929 kg empty (1.123 kg loaded, 1.079 kg empty with silencer)
Weapon Price: Cr1173 (silencer: Cr 180)
Magazine Weight: 0.044 kg loaded, 0.02 kg empty
Magazine Price: Cr3 (10-round grip magazine)
Ammo Price: Cr0.3 (Ball), Cr0.6 (DS, HE, Tranq), Cr0.9 (HEAP)
Ammo Weight: 2.4 g
Features: Hollow pistol grip, removeable silencer

AmmoROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
5x15mm Ball SA5 1 Nil 1 10 2 - 4 (4)
5x15mm DS SA5 1 Nil 1 10 2 - 5 (5)
5x15mm HE SA5 3 Nil 1 10 2 - 3 (3)
5x15mm HEAP SA5 3 2-2-2 1 10 2 - 3 (3)
5x15mm Tranq SA5 -1* Nil 1 10 1 - 4 (2)

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