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MEG-12L Thresher-II Submachinegun

by Nick Bradbeer

The Thresher-II is product of Moorsyth Integrated Designs (the post-collapse group consolidated from various departments of the Moorsyth Design Corporation, including Moorsyth Extravagent Guns Division), comprising a redesign of the popular pre-collapse Thresher weapon to meet new design goals.

It was marketted to government and private salvage teams as a handy, relatively discreet close-quarters weapon with considerable firepower. Some compromises are made in the name of compactness, especially the use of small magazines. Longer magazines are available as optional extras although the long SMG magazine protrudes a fair way from the bottom of the pistol grip, and the extended GL magazine hangs down too far to allow firing in the stock-retracted configuration.

The weapon comprises a light 9x12mm selective-fire machine-pistol with a grip magazine with a 25x37mm LV automatic grenade launcher attached above it. The launcher hangs over the back of the pistol, with the grenade magazine butting up to the back of the pistol's mechanism. The weapon may be fired from a normal carbine stance, with the stock extended, right arm bent outward and left hand cupping right hand, or may be fired with the stock retracted. In the more compact configuration the weapon lies snug above the right forearm and has a grip for the left hand on top. Open sights are fitted, but most users prefer the integral laser sight for close-quarters work. All components are hard steel, except for a Light Alloy receiver.

It is possible to remove the grenade launcher assembly from the machine-pistol entirely, although the grenade launcher cannot then be fired and the pistol is no longer weatherproofed. The pistol alone has a mass of 0.85 grams loaded, and has a recoil of 4 for a single shot and 10 for a burst. It is recommended that the user brace with both hands. The pistol retains the laser sight.

Please note that the Thresher-II does not fire the pre-collapse 9x12mm caseless ammo and attempts to use such may have dangerous consequences. MID can take no responsibility for any users who attempt to use caseless ammunition.

MEG-12L Thresher-II Submachine Gun

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 10
Ammo : 9x12mm-10 straight, 25x37mm LV grenades
Muzzle Energy: 655 J
Weapon Length: 40 cm / 60cm
Weapon Weight: 2.6kg loaded mass, 2.1kg empty
Weapon Price: 575 Cr
SMG Magazine Weight:185g loaded, 45g empty
SMG Magazine Price: 2.76 Cr loaded, 0.43 Cr empty
SMG Ammo Price: 0.12 Cr (Ball)
SMG Ammo Weight: 6.1g
GL Magazine Weight: 300g loaded, 30g empty
GL Magazine Price: 3.7 Cr loaded HE, 5Cr loaded HEAP, 1 Cr empty
GL Ammo Price: 0.9 Cr (HE), 1.35 Cr (HEAP)
GL Ammo Weight: 90g
Features: Folding Stock, TL-10 Laser Sight, Flash Suppressor

AmmoROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
Ball SA5/5 2 1-Nil 2/3 23 1 3 70

Ammo ROF Damage Pen Bulk Mag SS Burst Short Rng Indirect Range
HE SA5/5 C-B:2-10 Nil 1 3 1 4 80 300
HEAP SA5/5 C-B:1-5 23C 1 3 1 4 80 300

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