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Solomani Confederation 2mm Gauss Carbine

by David Gillon

A lower tech parallel to the Needler pistol, the Gauss Carbine was intended for use by weapons and vehicle crews and by other troops who might find themselves in the front line but who did not need a fully featured combat rifle. Inferior in performance to the Imperial 4mm Gauss Weapon or it's RC descendant, the Gauss Carbine at first appears a poor relation. However such comparisons are invalid, the weapon should instead be compared with the sub-machine guns, shotguns and large calibre pistols that such troopers might otherwise find themselves armed with. Against such weapons the gauss carbine offers equivalent damage, equivalent or superior penetration and a greatly extended range. Its ten round burst compares favourably with the spread from a combat shotgun and its magazine capacity is legendary, a full two hundred rounds allowing for a truly awesome suppressive fire capability. It should be noted that the weapon was in fact a fully featured military rifle, the 'carbine' nomeclature being adopted solely to distinguish it from the first line Gauss Assault Weapon.

Author's Note: One thing that's pretty much overlooked in RC background is that the Solomani occupation must have left significant chunks of Solomani ordnance lying around. I designed a few Solomani small arms a while ago and might as well throw them out to the list for savaging . One thing I was looking at was the actual mission requirements of the Solomani in an invasion of the Imperial worlds in the Solomani Rim, and that means lots of fighting in high population worlds where vehicles are going to be less useful and internal security a major problem. Watching the civs is a good job for the lower tech Solomani outfits, especially if you seed them with some high tech goodies -- such as Needle pistols and Carbines:

Solomani Confederation 2mm Gauss Carbine

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 12
Ammo : 2*10mm/60 Needle
Muzzle Energy: 1080 joules, Required Power: 2160 joules.
Weapon Length: 104cm
Weapon Weight: 3.851Kg loaded, 3.84kg empty (includes weight of empty box magazine)
Weapon Price: Cr1190
Magazine Weight: 1.315Kg loaded, 1.304Kg empty
Magazine Price: Cr 3
Ammo Price: Cr 0.0012 (Dart)
Ammunition Weight: 0.06g per round
Features: Optic sights, RAM shoot through grenade launcher
AmmoROF DamDice PenRtg Bulk Magaz SSBurst S Range
2*10mm Dart 1/10 2 1-Nil7 200 16 60

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