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Solomani Confederation 2mm Gauss Pistol

by David Gillon

The 2mm Needle design lacks the penetration and damage of the Imperial standard 4mm round (and was only ever manufactured in dart format), but its small size results in weapons with an awesome magazine capacity and a round that still outperforms the standard 9mm pistol round at most muzzle velocities.

Widely known as the Needler after the ammunition it fired, the 2mm Gauss Pistol was in widespread Solomani service by 1100 Imperial. Manufactured at a higher tech level than its carbine counterpart, the Needler was a favoured sidearm for security forces and line troops facing opponents with only light or no body armour. Intended for close quarters battle, the Needler came complete with a 70 round grip magazine, a rate of fire that no conventional pistol could hope to equal, and a recoil to match. Optional extras for the design included a laser sight and a folding stock that allowed its use in a machine-pistol role. Both were issued widely and many users adopted one or the other simply for the reduction in recoil that went with them, the increased accuracy was an additional bonus.

Author's Note: One thing that's pretty much overlooked in RC background is that the Solomani occupation must have left significant chunks of Solomani ordnance lying around. I designed a few Solomani small arms a while ago and might as well throw them out to the list for savaging . One thing I was looking at was the actual mission requirements of the Solomani in an invasion of the Imperial worlds in the Solomani Rim, and that means lots of fighting in high population worlds where vehicles are going to be less useful and internal security a major problem. Watching the civs is a good job for the lower tech Solomani outfits, especially if you seed them with some high tech goodies -- such as Needle pistols and Carbines:

Solomani Confederation 2mm Gauss Pistol

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 14
Ammo : 2*10mm/20 Needle
Muzzle Energy: 120 joules, Required Power: 192 joules.
Weapon Length: 16.2/21.2cm/46.2cm (basic weapon/folded stock/extended stock)
Weapon Weight: 0.6/1.1/1.6Kg loaded, 0.596/1.096/1.596Kg empty (includes weight of empty box magazine)
Weapon Price: Cr 245 for basic weapon, Cr 50 for folding stock, Cr 300 for laser sight. Cr 595 complete.
Magazine Weight: 0.061Kg loaded, 0.057 Kg empty
Magazine Price: 2 Cr
Ammo Price: Cr 0.0012 (Dart)
Ammunition Weight: 0.06g per round
Features: Laser sight, folding stock, (both optional).
AmmoROF DamDice PenRtg Bulk Magaz SSBurst S Range
2*10mm Dart 1/10 1 Nil1 70 17 5

With unfolded folding stock, bulk increases to 3.
With Laser sight or Folding stock, the recoil drops to 4, with both it drops to 3 and range increases to 17.5.

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