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GM-11 Gauss LMG

by Scott Quigg

The GM-11 represents a departure from typical SAW's. It was felt by Covenant of Sufffren Board that typical SAWs needed a substantial increase in fire power to justify lugging such a heavy weapon around the modern battlefield. The GM-11b is the standard weapon carried by all Battledress equipped troops. The GM-11b doesn't possess the bipod making its recoil slightly greater in force, but this is compensated by the superior strength of the armor. The GM-11 can literally take control of the battlefield.

"What the GM-11b gives is the ability to carry a highly portable and effective weapon system without sacrificing any endurance or armor. Plasma weapons and LAGs are still the big boys, but the GM-11b packs as much firepower as an Imperial VRF at a tenth of the weight!!!" Lance Corporal Scott "Behemoth" Sanders; 1st Shock Brigade, CSMC.

GM-11 Gauss LMG

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 12
Ammo : 5.5 x 27.5mm/36
Muzzle Energy: 8489 J
Weapon Length: 86.1 cm
Weapon Weight: 18.63 kg
Weapon Price: 3390.48 Cr
Magazine Weight: 0.13 kg
Magazine Price:
Ammo Price: Dart 0.03 Cr, DS 0.06 Cr, HE 0.06 Cr, HEAP 0.09 Cr, Tranq 0.06 Cr
Ammo Weight: 1.31 g
Features: Electronic Sights, Bipod, Gyroscopic Compensation.

AmmoROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
5.5mm/36 Dart 5/10 6 1-3-5 100 5 1 2/4 [1/2] 150(133)m [190(172)m]
5.5mm/36 DS 5/10 6 1-2-4 100 5 1 2/4 (1/2 180(159)m [230(207)m]
5.5mm/36 HE 5/10 7 Nil 100 5 1 2/4 [1/2] 120(110)m [150(129)m]
5.5mm/36 HEAP 5/10 7 2-2-2 100 5 1 2/4 [1/2] 120(110)m [150(129)m]
5.5mm/36 Tranq 5/10 -1 Nil 100 5 1 2/4 [1/2] 30(30)m [30(30)m]
Values in brackets give values for bidpod use. Values in parenthesis give values for electronic sights.

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