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VG-9 VRF Gauss GUn

by Scott Quigg

The VG-9 is part of Kyris' Industies Battlefield 1200 family of weapons. It is representative of typical medium gauss VRFs and is intended to be mounted on vehicles capable of providing a substantial power supply (approximately 1.51MW). In return this gauss weapon provides a sustainable rate of fire of 3,000rpm with a short range of 300m.

"When the call comes in for the VG-9, we call it bringing the "heavy heat". This weapon lays down such heavy suppressing fire that troops can enter the arena of conflict unscathed. As a tank commander, I'm faced with many situations where my 100Mj plasma cannon is "overkill" having a secondary weapon, capable of penetrating body armor and delivering a hell of a kick afterwards, is certainly a benefit!! This bushwacker is far superior to the old Imperial 4mm models that had no real firepower." First Sergeant Alex Branagan, 3rd Gravitic Armor Regiment "Divine Thunder"

VG-9 VRF Gauss Gun

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 12
Ammo : 5.5 x 27.5mm/48
Muzzle Energy: 15,100 J
Weapon Length: 170.9 cm
Weapon Weight: 19.2 kg
Weapon Price: 3001 Cr
Magazine Weight: 39.3 kg
Magazine Price:
Ammo Price: Dart 0.03 Cr, DS 0.06 Cr, HE 0.06 Cr, HEAP 0.09 Cr, Tranq 0.06 Cr
Ammo Weight: 1.31 g
Power Requirements: 1.51 MW Continuous
Features: Iron Sights, Gyroscopic Compensation

AmmoROF DamDice Pen Val Magazine Bulk SS Burst S Range
5.5mm/48 Dart 50 8 1-2-4 30,000 11 - - 300(300)m
5.5mm/48 DS 50 8 1-1-3 30,000 11 - - 300(300)m
5.5mm/48 HE 50 9 Nil 30,000 11 - - 300(295)m
5.5mm/48 HEAP 50 9 2-2-2 30,000 11 - - 300(295)m
5.5mm/48 Tranq 50 -1* Nil 30,000 11 - - 30(30)m

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