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GS-1 Gauss Sniper Rifle

by Scott Quigg

"Whispering Death" That's what we called it. Any time you can "reach out and touch someone" at over a klick means God's on your side. Karl and I went through 74 missions together before we were accepted for Advanced Sniper School. Six months of additional sniper training in the worst possible conditions. We had well over 100 kills already and had to waste our time learning how to shoot? Three implants later, including a synthetic aperature eye implant, a neural jack and a mini-ballistic computer, we were ready for action. One week into deployment we thought it was time well spent.

We were on a deep infiltration assignment on Navarre. Our target was Maximillian Trakes, the head of the human forces "aligned" with Virus. Four previous missions had failed. Of course, they weren't packing a GS-1 and they didn't have a sniper as skilled as Karl Horvath. After 5 days of waiting we got our first break. Maximillian was above ground checking on the status of a newly "infected" grav tank. This was our chance!! Only trouble was that he was wearing full Battledress and was 2 klicks away.

Hell!! It was now or never. Karl fired off a three round burst.....

Maximillian never had a chance. Half a second later two rounds tore Max in half!!! Talk about first impressions!! The GS-1 is the only weapon that could handle such a task. I would take one GS-1 equipped sniper team over an entire platoon of Shock infantry!!!

Testimonial provided by Sergeant Major Johnathan Kalvaras, Sniper Master, SEH

GS-1 Gauss Sniper Rifle

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 12
Ammo : 9.1 x 45.5mm/40
Muzzle Energy: 47,360 J
Weapon Length: 188.2 cm
Weapon Weight: 47.61 kg
Weapon Price: 5297.89 Cr (Implant costs in excess of Cr100,000)
Magazine Weight: 0.04 kg
Magazine Price:
Ammo Price: Dart 0.03 Cr, DS 0.06 Cr, HE 0.06 Cr, HEAP 0.09 Cr, Tranq 0.06 Cr
Ammo Weight: 5.92 g
Features: Neural Jack, Electronic Sights, Laser sights, Bipod, Gyroscopic Compensation.

AmmoROF DamDice Pen Val Magazine Bulk SS Burst S Range
9.1mm/40 Dart 3 15 2-2-3 15 12 1 [1] 2 [1] 368(348)m [474(453)m]
9.1mm/40 DS 3 15 1-1-2 15 12 1 [1] 2 [1] 438(418)m [563(543)m]
Values in brackets are for use with bipod.

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