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RGAL-14 Light Assualt Rifle

by Rupert Boleyn

This is the standard issue assault rifle for Solomani Confederation non-Battle Dress troops. With the DS round it is capable of penetration all personal armour except TL12+ Battle Dress, and has a good range and low recoil making it easy for troops to use. On the downside the ammunition is a little on the heavy side, though overall the weapon plus 240 rounds of ammo is only about 11 kg - less than any comparable weapon.

RGAL-14 Light Assualt Rifle

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 14
Ammo : 5x25mm/31.9 gauss dart
Muzzle Energy: 4986 J
Weapon Length: 71.84 cm, 51.84 cm folded
Weapon Weight: 5.1518 kg loaded, 3.1398 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price: 1437 Cr
Magazine Weight: 2.012 kg loaded, 1.953 kg empty
Magazine Price: Cr4 (60-round box)
Ammo Price: Cr0.02 (Dart), Cr0.04 (HE, Tranq), Cr0.06 (HEAP)
Ammo Weight: 0.98 g
Features: Folding stock, optic sight, laser sight, folding shock absorber, gyroscopic compensator, grenade adaptor

AmmoROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
5x25mm Dart 3/105 1-2-Nil3/4 60 0 1/4130 (113)
5x25mm HE 3/10 5Nil3/4 60 0 1/4 100 (85)
5x25mm HEAP 3/10 5 2-2-2 3/4 60 0 1/4 100 (85)
5x25mm Tranq 3/10 -1* Nil 3/4 60 0 1/4 30 (30)

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