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G-4P VRF Gauss MMG

by Kyle Platte

A medium VRF gauss MG designed primarily for vehicular and emplacement use. The weapon comes with a removable pistol grip but must be mounted onto a tripod or weapon mount to be fired. Cassettes for the weapon do not include a battery pack: a separate power supply must be found (1.76 Mw). The G-4P has a dual feed sytem, allowing two cassettes to be mounted into it. The wielder can switch between the different cassettes as they desire. The rounds are fired at 4800 mps.

G-4P VRF Gauss MMG

Weapon Details
Tech Level:
Ammo : 6x30mm
Muzzle Energy: 19,584 joules, Required energy: 35,251 joules
Weapon Length: 70cm
Weapon Weight: 19.16 kg (without cassette)
Weapon Price: Cr 2440
Magazine Weight: 2kg (empty), 87kg (full). Cassettes hold 50,000 rounds
Magazine Type: Cassette
Magazine Price: Cr 10
Ammo Price: Cr .034 (dart), Cr .068 (HE, tranq), Cr .102 (HEAP)
Ammo Weight: 1.7 grams per round
Features: Dual feed receiver, optical sights, pistol stock

Weapon ROF DanDice Pen Val Mag Short Rng
6mm dart 50 9 1-2-4 50,000Cx2 300 (450)
6mm HEAP 50 10 2-2-2 50,000Cx2 300 (335)
6mm HE 50 10 Nil 50,000Cx2 300 (335)
6mm tranq 50 -1 Nil 50,000Cx2 30 (30)

Ranges in parentheses are listed for weapons not fired by hand (e.g. turreted weapons).

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