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Solar Powered Laser Carbine

by Antti Lahtinen

After studying the current photovoltage cell technology I considered the FF&S solar array values to be unrealistic. Currently I use completely different values in my own designs.

Since photovoltage cells transform a fraction of the incoming energy into electricity, I prefer to vary the energy output according to current conditions.

Photovoltage Cells:

Solar-charged laser gun

This weapon is extremely simple and rugged longarm, apparently designed for ease of use and long storage life. However, the interesting feature is that the organically-contoured bullpup stock is covered with photovoltage cells.

The weapon contains only three moving parts: trigger, safety and battery cover. The squeeze safety is placed on the backstrap on the pistol grip and is automatically disengaged by the firing hand. Instead of a trigger guard, the weapon has large knuckle-bow which allows shooting while wearing mittens.

Inside the battery cover is a power connector which can be used to re-charge the battery with external power or fire the gun directly using any suitable power source.

Solar Powered Laser Carbine

Weapon Details
Tech Level: High Stellar (TL-14)
Weapon Type: 4cm DEI laser longarm
Pulse Energy: 15 kJ, required energy: 20 kJ
Weapon Length: 52.8 cm
Weapon Mass: 3.401 kg loaded, 2.846 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price: Cr 639
Magaz Mass: 0.555 kg
Magaz Price: Cr 4.44 (100-shot box battery, 2 MJ total energy)
Features: bullpup stock, optic sight melee weapon frame, solar array

Name ROF DamVal PenRtg Bulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
5 kJ Laser SA 5 6 Nil 3 100 None None 300 (299)

Name DV (Pen) Recoil Range Bulk TL Mass ExtMag ROF Magaz Price
15 kJ Laser 6 (Nil) None 300 m 3 14 3.4 kg 0.6 kg SA 5 100 639

Notes: The weapon is covered with scratch-proof [1] photovoltage cells, which are used re-charge the magazine battery. When left on sun [2], the cells produce 50 W power[3]. One shot is re-loaded in 7 min 25 sec [4].

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