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Solomani FGMP-14

by Antti Lahtinen

Solomani FGMP-14 is a rapid-fire high-energy rifle used by Vyborg Jaegers. The weapon consists of a rifle connected to a backpack with flexible power link. A 20-shot box magazine or a 50-shot "air tank" magazine fits to the underside of the rifle.

The backpack is equipped with a contra-grav lifter unit which cancels the gravitic attraction to the pack, making it appear to be feather-light (it still has inertia). The build-in battery pack can run the CG system for 8 hours before recharging.

The Vyborg Jaegers have nicknamed this weapon as "vartti" (Finnish for "quarter"), probably because its energy output is a quarter of a megajoule. The nickname is used in several black-humor jokes. ("He was all right a quarter ago...")

Solomani FGMP-14

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 14
Weapon Type: DEI rapid pulse fusion longarm
Ammo : fires 250 kJ plasma pulse using 250 kJ energy and 5.833 g hydrogen
Weapon Length: 26.5 cm
Weapon Weight: 5.793 kg fully loaded, 4.15 kg without magazine
Weapon Price: 6855 Cr
Reload Time:
Magazine Price: 22.30 Cr (20-shot box magazine, containing 5 MJ battery and 1.667 dm3 hydrogen tank)
Magazine Weight: 1.643 kg loaded, 1.527 kg empty
Pack Mass
20.727 kg
Pack Price
125 Cr (10.463 dm3 accumulator pack with GC
Features: Gyroscopic compensator, plastic stock, shock absorber, electronic sight.
Options: Non-grav accumulator pack (10 dm3, 20 kg, 100 Cr) 50-round magazine (5.7 dm3, 4 kg, 56 Cr)

Name ROF DamVal PenRtg Bulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
FGMP-14 2 15 1-2-10 4 20 3 3 100 (95)

Name DV(Pen) Recoil RangeBulkTL Mass ExtMagROF Mag Price
FGMP-14 15 (1-2-10) S:3,B:3 95 m 5 14 5.8 kg 1.6 kg 2 20 6980

Notes: This weapon is designed using "Direct Energy Input" rules from FF&S2 instead of the EPG cartridges. The rapid-pulse fusion uses 5.833 g hydrogen for each shot, but most of this is used as coolant. A slow-pulse fusion of the same energy level uses only 1.167 g hydrogen for each shot, so the rapid-pulse apparently uses the remaining 4.667 g as coolant.

Assuming that the fusion gun is purely kinetic energy weapon, the resulting impulse and weapon velocity suggest that the resulting recoil value is "3". If some of the plasma bolt energy is thermal instead of kinetic, the recoil value will be lower (recoil "2" or so). The FF&S1 recoil formula gives value "9", which is unrealistic.

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