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TL-10 Grenade Launcher

by Antti Lahiten

This is a low-velocity semiautomatic grenade launcher. The grenade launcher is normally attached to the 10-mm ACR.

"The launcher has tubular magazine and very simple semi-automatic feed system. Individual grenades are pushed into the magazine through this feed port, and a chambered grenade may be launched by pressing a secondary trigger, located here, just under the main trigger in the pistol grip. When the ACR is held in normal firing position, the user may fire bullets with index finger and grenades with middle finger."

TL-10 Grenade Launcher

Weapon Details
Tech Level: TL-10
Ammo : 30x34mmmm TL-10 low-velocity grenades
Muzzle Energy: 338 Joules
Weapon Length: 45 cm
Weapon Weight: 1.898 kg loaded, 0.938 kg empty
Weapon Price: 603 Cr
Magazine Weight: None
Magazine Type: None
Ammo Weight: 120 grams per round
Ammo Price: Cr1.2 (CHEM, ILLUM, HE), Cr1.8 (HEAP), Cr2.4 (SEFOP, WP/IS)
Features: There is no stock.
AmmoROF DamDice Pen Val Bulk Magaz SS Burst S. Range IFR
30-cm GL SA As ammo As ammo 3 81 1 - 110420

Type Damage Pen. Value
30x34mm HE C:2, B:10 Nil
30x34mm HEAP C:1, B:10 29
30x34mm SEFOP C:1, B:10 29
30x34mm CHEM C:2, B:0 Nil
30x34mm WP/IS C:2, B:5 Nil
30x34mm ILLUM C:0, B:145 Nil

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