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Solomani Light Missiles

design by Rupert Boyeln

For short range work such as Point Defense, anti fighter duty and orbital defense the Solomani the 4m3 missile as a standard size. These missiles mounted the smallest det laser warheads available in order to maximise acceleration.

The small size was chosen to minimise cost and to maximse the number that could be fitted into a 3-ton turret (a holdover from the days when the Confederation was part of the 3I). While perhaps not optimal in a manned, civilian turret 5 fit nicely into a remote controlled turret, such as many military ships carry.

Here is the 4m3 missile, from a variety of TLs. The Confederation seldom used anything but the TL14 version, though late in the Final War the Tl13 models became more common away from high piority areas. However member worlds often used lower TL missiles in their own ships, because they could be made locally.

TL Guid. Yield Vol Mass MCr G-Turns Hits Damage Range Notes
8 Cont. 1x10 kt 4 2.203 1.173 5/5 1D6 1/8-25 0 AZHRAE Rocket
9-11 Cont. 1x10 kt 4 4 0.615 12/12 1D6 1/8-25 0 EAPlaC Rocket
12 Cont. 1x10 kt 4 5.65 0.617 27/13 1D6 1/8-25 0 HEPlaR (Battery)
13 Cont. 1x10 kt 4 6.358 0.623 28/14 1D6 1/8-25 0 HEPlaR (Battery)
14-15 Cont. 1x10 kt 4 3.254 0.647 44/22 1D6 1/8-25 0 HEPlaR (Fuel Cell)

All models use the Laser Receiver that one that a det laser has for 'free' for communications, and have a Bl sig of +2/+2/+2/+2+/1.


Type TL Vol (m3) Mass (ton) Pow (MW) Area (m2) Price (MCr)
Military, 3DT 14 42 8 0 10 0.0112
Civilian, 3DT 14 42 8.256 0.15 10 0.1632

In both cases the mass is for an empty turret.

Both turrets use autoloaders, because they work out cheaper than seperate launchers for each missile. As the reload cycle is about 3 minutes this has no noticeable effect on the turrets ability to put missiles in the sky over the course of a combat turn. The military model has no crew, MFD or comms and must be operated totally remotely. The Civilian turret, like Imperial types, has a Laser Transceiver and a Workstation as part of the system.

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