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Spear Anti-Aircraft Missile

design by Lewis Roberts

The Spear is the standard TL-9 Oriflamme heavy anti-aircraft missile. It is normally launched from the Brick Mobile SAM Launcher or from ground emplacements. It is designed to be fired against high altitude fighters and bombers. The Spear has the range to hit targets descending from orbit, though it is not capable of hitting actual orbit. The Dart (RCEG pg 108) and Nail (RCEG pg 106) are intended against low flying aircraft. The Spear can be used against these missiles, it's just a tremendous overkill. The Spear has a better pentration than either of the other targets. This improves the kill capability against lightly armored flying craft, such as Grav APCs and the like. The missile is 2 meters long and approximetly 40 cm wide. The missile is armed with a 25 cm HE warhead.

Spear Anti-Aircraft Missile

WeightPriceGuidance Damage Pen ValShort Rng Max Range Velocity AGL
1 tonne 6000CrAdv IR Homing C-B:125-111 31C 6.9km 55.5km 6950m/turn 7

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