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Lance Ballistic Missile

design by Lewis Roberts

The Lance is the standard TL-9 ballistic missile used by the Oriflamme military. The Lance is built on the same airframe as the Spear anti-aircraft missile, though with a inertial guidance system. The Lance is used to attack ground targets, such as enemy bases or other strategic targets. The Brick Mobile SAM Launcher can fire either Lanceor Spear missiles. The Lance is equiped with a high explosive warhead, though it could be modified to deliver nuclear, chemical or biological payloads. Current Oriflamme strategic does not involve such weapons, and they are regarded as being inhuman. Most citizens regard those weapons as something out of the Final War.

Lance Ballistic Missile

Weight Price GuidanceDamage Pen Val Indirect Max Range Velocity AGL
1 tonne 7000Cr Inertial C-B:125-111 31C 278km 6950m/turn 7

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