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Knifejack Tactical Missile

design by Kyle Platte

The Knifejack family of missiles are complex smart weapons, capable of being fired and finding their targets without additional supervision. The family of missiles all use the same warhead and similar seeker packages, with different boosters added. Note that the seeker head uses predominately the imaging radar to find targets. However, if this is jammed or ineffective, the missile will automatically switch to the backup visual sensor and attempt to acquire the target.

The primary warhead type is the top-attack HEAP warhead. The missile can also carry a .1 kiloton nuclear warhead but few of these warhead were made. The Knifejack is used as a quick response missile. It has a short range but high speed (3600kph), allowing it to engage targets before defenses can be brought to bear.

The Skipjack acts as a long range missile, but maintains enough speed (1000kph) to catch grav vehicles and slow aircraft. The Lazyjack uses a two stage system designed to loiter over the battlefield searching for targets. The missiles have a cruising speed of 215kph and will engage in preset search patterns, looking for identifiable targets. The sustainer motor has a duration of just over 30 minutes (367 combat rounds).

Once a target is identified the terminal booster accelerates the warhead into the target at 3600 kph. Lazyjacks have had their secondary video scanner replaced with a home-on-jammer package, allowing them to immediately attack any jamming source that presents itself.

Knifejack Tactical Missile

Weapon Details
Tech Level : 13
Missile Diameter: 9cm
Missile Guidance: Seeker head with radar imaging and visual backup (Lazyjack has home on jamming instead)
Missile Mass: 73 kg
Missile Volume: 33 liters, exclusive of launcher
Launcher Specifications : Package launcher: 146 liters, 36.5 kg without missile, Cr365 exclusive of missile
Launch rail: negligible volume, 73 kg, Cr 3650
Launch tube: 292 liters, 292 kg, Cr 2920 exclusive of missile
Weapon Range Damage Pen Val Price Cbt Move Agility Seeker Rng
Knifejack 10 C-B:13-30 101C 11,710 5004 7 40km
Skipjack 35 C-B:13-30 101C 11,710 1390 5 40km
Lazyjack 110 (5) C-B:13-30 101C14,510 300 (5004) 3 (7) 40km/36km HOJ

Numbers in parentheses are for the terminal booster stage. Prices are in credits, and Combat Move is in meters per turn.


Like all seeker weapons, the Knifejack series must be programmed before the battle with data (enemy vehicle types, IFF transponders, priority targets, zones of control, etc.). Without this programming, the weapon will not know the difference between enemy tanks and friendlies in their search pattern! The weapon comes with factory preset patterns, but these are not reliable in specific field situations.

If the Lazyjack detects a ground target outside of its boosters range, it will attempt to use any existing obstacles, such as hills or buildings to cover its approach (without seriously deviating from its course). When it is within its 5km attack range it will climb and attempt to engage to target with its sensors. If the target has disappeared, it will return to its search mode.

The Lazyjack will attempt to attack any viable target within range when its sustainer motor has burned out. If there are no viable targets available the weapon will self-destruct.

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