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PLN-40 Automatic Grenade Launcher

by Kyle Platte

The PLN-40 is a high velocity grenade launcher designed primarily for vehicle use. The launcher has a triple cassette feed system, allowing the firer to select between different types of rounds as needed.

PLN-40 Automatic Grenade Launcher

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 13
Ammo : 40mm HV grenades
Muzzle Energy: 12,500 joules
Weapon Length: 93cm
Weapon Weight: 11.72 kg (w/o cassette)
Weapon Price: Cr 1157
Magazine Weight: 2kg (empty), 62kg (full). Cassettes hold 150 rounds
Magazine Type: Cassette
Magazine Price: Cr 10
Ammo Price: Cr 4 (HE, CHEM), Cr 6 (HEAP), Cr 8 (WP)
Ammo Weight: 0.4 kg per round
Features:Triple feed receiver

AmmoROF DamDice Penetration Magaz Range Indirect Range
40mm HE 5 C-B:4-14 41C 150Cx3 195 1950
40mm HEAP 5 C-B:2-11 Nil 150Cx3 195 1950
40mm CHEM 5 B:2 Nil 150Cx3 195 1950
40mm WP 5 B:8 Nil 150Cx3 195 1950

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