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M240 Incinerator Rifle

by Kyle Platte

I have made some stats for a misted-gel flamethrower. As there are few relevant section in FFS for such weapon, I have ballparked and hand-waved my way through this. Again, my thanks to The Colonial Marines Technical Guide for tech support and inspiration.

TheM240 is a flamethrower designed to spray misted incendiary gel. It is based on a pre-Collapse agricultural chemical sprayer common on Oriflamme. It is rugged enough for military use but remains lightweight due to the lack of a heavy barrel or receiver mechanism. Fuel is carried in screw-in tanks that hold the fuel and propellant gas. It takes three actions to replace a fuel tank on the incinerator. The M240 has been undergoing advanced field trials with the Oriflamme troops on Spencer and they have ordered an additional 500 units for additional tactical evaluation with teams attached to the RC navy. Some people have protested the use of incinerators on the battlefield but the weapons are proving a valuable resource for the typically outnumbered marine forces.

The weapon is fired in 1 second bursts. The spray affects the first target in the line of fire and then splatters, affecting all unprotected items in the original targetıs square. A person struck in this manner will be affected on all exposed areas. Users are cautioned when using the incinerator in close quarters due to the splattering effects of the stream. Additional hits on a target do cause additional damage but do reset the duration of the fire. The liquid can be sprayed with the igniter turned off, allowing the fuel to saturate the target first.

The fuel tanks are armored (AV=1) but if punctured will explode with a burst radius of 15 meters. Due to the danger of explosion, all new tanks have thicker armor sleeves (AV=2, +.4kg) to protect against fragmentation and stray rounds.

In a 1G gravity field, the incinerator has a short and medium range only. The fuel cannot reach beyond that. The incinerator can achieve itıs full range only in a microgravity or null-gee environment. The M240 is capable of spraying a wide variety of chemical agents and flammable substances. The most common is a high-energy hydrocarbon gel. It is referred to as napalm, regardless of its actual chemical composition. Oriflamme has recently begun production of a new chemical called Xamalax (see below) for increased effectiveness. In a pinch, the M240 can spray LP gas or liquid hydrogen. These are not effective as military agents but have proven useful for engineers, burial details or demolition teams who wish to set fires quickly from a distance.

Xamalax is an incendiary chemical that burns at high temperature (1800C) and generates itıs own oxygen supply while buring. It is shipped as a micro-fine powder and mixed on location with the oxgenated binder to the consistency of caulking. Xamalax will burn in thin, very, thin, tainted and corrosive atmospheres or underwater. It will even burn at half effectiveness in vacuum and near-vacuum conditions. Incendiary teams are cautioned when using Xamalax due to the great difficulty of putting out the fires generated by the chemical. Xamalax is both caustic and toxic: care should be exercised when shipping and handling Xamalax compounds.


Napalm does 1d6 damage per second and burns for 12 seconds.
It has a short range of 15 meters
Napalm costs 1 Cr/liter and weighs 1 kg/liter. It is slightly lighter than water.


Xamalax does 2d6 damage per second and burns for 8 seconds.
It has a short range of 15 meters.
Xamalax costs 75 Cr/liter and weighs 1 kg/liter. It is slightly heavier than water.

Liquid Hydrogen

LHyd does 1d6 damage per second and burns only for the second it is ejected from the incinerator.
It has a short range of 10 meters
LHyd costs 1 credit for 29 liters of the stuff and weighs 70 grams per liter.

LP gas (or propane tanks)

LP gas acts in all ways as liquid hydrogen except that it costs and weighs more.
It costs 1 credit for four liters and weighs one kg per liter (i'm guesing here).

M240 Incinerator Rifle

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 8
Ammo : Flammable Liquid
Muzzle Energy: NA
Weapon Length: 88cm
Weapon Weight: 2.4 kg w/ empty 2l tank, 5.1kg with full tank (napalm)
Weapon Price: 645 cr, fuel tanks cost 40cr (AV=1) or 80cr (AV=2) each
Magazine Weight:
Magazine Type: 645 cr, fuel tanks cost 40cr (AV=1) or 80cr (AV=2) each
Ammo Price: See Below
Features: None

Weapon ROF Bulk Recoil
M240 incinerator SA 6 2

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