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Shooting Star Defense System

by Lewis Roberts

The Shooting Star Defense System is an integral unit found on many of the Empire of Solee's vehicles. It provides an automatic point defense capability capable of destroying incoming ballistic and nonballistic rounds. A specialized computer (a TL-9 robot brain) in conjunction with a state of the art TL-10 Point Defense Computer provides the guidance and automatically chooses and engages targets without human intervention. This allows crew members to concentrate on dealing with the enemy. The computer engages incoming rounds with a 7mm rotary gun capable of firing 10 armor piercing rounds a second (50 in a combat round). The computer detects incoming weapons with a 0.3km HRT and targets them with an imaging radar system. In the case that the vehicle's main sensors are knocked off line, the system is capable of feeding the sensor readings to the main console through a dedicated fiber optic link. This will by no means replace the sensors, but it is better than being blind.

Since the system is an integral package, it can be retrofitted on to other vehicles. On such retrofits, the system is often placed on the outside of the vehicle's hull. Usually a small amount of armor is installed to protect the system against shrapnel and small arms fire.

Shooting Star Defense System

Weapon Details
Volume: 2.3165 m3
Mass: 1.14325 tonnes
Price: 0.64565 MCr
Power Requirements: 0.001 MW

Sensors: 0.3 km HRT
Brain: TL9
Logic: High Data
Command: Basic
Intelligence: 2

Weapon: 7mm Rotary Gun (see TNE main rulebook)
Ammo: 10,000 discarding sabot rounds for the rotary gun
Fire Control: TL-10 Point Defense Computer(-3 DMs), Imaging Radar Direct Sights
Stabilization: Advanced Stablization

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