Nebula Design Contest

The second Nebula contest was to build a Regency Warship to hunt down and destroy Vampires
  • The Entries were:

    And the winner is.....
    The Fearless Vampire Hunter by Eamon Watters.

    Here is the original contest story:

    As the Regency opened its borders hundreds of thousands of people left civilization to make their fortunes in the Wilds. Most of these people went their separate ways, but here and there outposts were established and these led to even bigger colonies. One of those colonies was on Seplus in Corridor Sector. A Trading firm out of Mora, had established a free trade zone at the starport in exchange for technical assitance to the Legate of Seplus. This port attracted thousands of other starfarers. These were citizens of the Regency, Vargr Corsairs, Free Traders and wanderers.

    Everything was going great, until the Singing Sword jumped into the system on 245-1205. The Singing Sword was a Far Trader out of Deneb, engaged in the recovery of rare art and historical artifacts. They expected to spend a week or so picking up supplies and engaging in a bit of R&R on Seplus, but when they emerged from jump they found the entire plane had been wiped out. All of Seplus's cities and towns were smoking craters. The planet had been subjected to several days of sustained orbital bombardment, by hyper velocity deadfall ordinance. The Singing Sword found no survivors and quickly left the system to spread the news.

    While no evidence of a culprit was found, it was almost universally accepted that a fleet of Vampire ships had attacked Seplus. Though occasional rumours of Imperial or Alien involvment surface, all but the most fringe media outlets discount these rumours. When the news of a major Vampire attack got back to the Regency, the masses quickly demanded action. The Senate quickly passed a resolution granting up to 100,000 tons of shipping to be constructed and sent into the Wilds to hunt down and destroy any and all Virus and Vampire infestations.

    The Vampire Hunter can be of any size, as long as the total tons of shipping be less then or equal to 100,000 tons. This can be used to build 1000 100ton ships or one 100,000 ton ship. The decision is left up to the individual design team. The Senate knew they weren't experts in naval tactics, and decided to leave the decision of which was the best strategy up to a blue ribbon panel of retired naval personel. The panel will judge the designs on how well they preform the given task of hunting down and destroying Vampires.

    The ships can be built at any Regency shipyard, of what ever TL, the design team feels is appropriate. It should be noted that the Regency does have three TL-16 shipyards. Though the construction queue for these is longer than at the TL-15 yards.

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