Nebula Design Contest

Well we had 8 entries the
Ahven by Juha Kyllonen
Beacon by Nick Bradbeer
Emperor Gavin by TravelrTNE 
Mureena II by Antti Lahtinen
Pasha by Michael Koehne 
Persistance by Eamon Watters
Regulator by Chris Cox
Wyvern by Lewis Robert (Me)
Derek Stanley had sent in a rough draft of the LIghtning SDB, and I accidently thought it was an entry. Sorry about that.

Drum roll please ........

And the winner is the Persistance SDB by Eamon Watters.  That's two in a row for Eamon.

The vote totals were
Persistance	1.8
Regulator	2.3
Ahven		2.8
Emperor Gavin	3.5
Wyvern		4.6
Beacon		6.6
Pasha		6.75
Mureena		6.8

Getting first place votes were Persitance (3) Regulator (1) Ahven (1) and the Emperor Gavin (1).

We had 6 people vote, only 2 of which were people who entered the contest.  

Well thanks everyone for entering and voting.  When I get a chance, I'll post the ships to the BARD pages.

232-1080 Imperial Navy HQ Capital:

The Imperial Navy issues a call for designs for a TL-15 system defense boat designed to protect naval bases and other high priority military targets. The SDB should be under 1000 tons displacement. The design should be heavily armed and capable of engaging opponents of larger size. Cost is an issue and any boat going over 650MCr, should justify this cost, and should provide enough benfits that it is overwhelming superior to a cheaper boat.

The SDB will be used as by the heroic forces of the Empire of Solee in their battle against the expansionistic Reformation Coalition in the year 1202.