Nebula Design Contest

I received a total of 5 votes for the Nebula contest.

The results were:
1) Hummingbird & Firedrake by Nick Bradbeer 1.75
2) PDC Bulwark by Eamon Watters 2.5
3) Omicron Attack Sled by Lewis Roberts 2.75
4) ABC Warriors by Antti Lahtinen 3.8
5) Robot Army of Doom by Jon Goff 4.0
6) Centurion by Derek Stanley 4.8
7) Hunter by Derek Stanley 5.0
8) GPSOR by Derek Stanley 7.2

Receiving 1st place votes were the Hummingbird/Firedrake (2) the Omicron Attack Sled (2) and the ABC Warriors (1).

So congratulations Nick.

I really enjoyed this contest. I had only made one robot before this, and now I have made several. Also seeing how other people designed robots, helped me to better understand the robot design process. All the robots were well done and as one of the voters put it, it was hard to decide between them. I hope everyone else enjoyed as well.

Its always interesting to see how the voting comes out. One person votes a design high and another person votes the design low.

Well I hope we do this again soon, so start thinking about ideas for something to do for the next contest.

Call for Proposals

The Sentient Council on Promise has recently come under attack by foreign badlife. They have issued a call for designs for security assets that can be used to fight off the badlife. The Sentient council has limited resources so there will be an upper limit of 50 million credits. These credits can be used to purchase multiple copies of the design, or it could be spent on one asset.

The Sentient Council is willing to accept designs from any TL and designs for any type of asset. Robotic vehicles, breeds, domesticated goodlife, true robots or almost anything else. They are unable to accept designs for starships and orbital craft, as the badlife has achieved orbital superiority.

(I didn't want to turn this into a design contest for starships and fighter craft, I figured we had done that in other contests. Other than that let your imagination go wild.)

The concepts of goodlife and badlife, were shamelessly stolen from Fred Saberhagen's Beserker series of novels. The newest book (Beserker Fury) just came out this month, and I am busily reading it. For anyone who has never heard of the series, it features sentient machines who were ordered to destroy the enemy. The Beserkers have since elminated the enemy and then went on to destroy their creators. Now they wage a war against humans, who are the only race who have manged to put up much of a fight. The books are good, and are a nice source of ideas for Vampire and Virus.