Nebula Design Contest

Call for Designs

Year: 4005
Date: 362
Dear Zubdia,

I was thinking of our next hologame of TimeWars. The next portion of our campaign is to assault the Iron Fortress of the Cyrellian Hegemony. I think the best force to assault the fortress would be made up of mechanized infantry with a strong armored element and backed up by various support units. Do you have any suggestions on unit we should use? As you know we have enough chronopoints to pull several battalions from any ancient history period between the Vilani-Terran Interstellar Wars to the empires of the Virus Age. I would suggest we keep our units between TL-9 and TL-13. Using higher TL troops will make victory easier, but will lower our rankings in the Timelord standings. Send me your suggestions. Together I am sure we shall stand upon the rubble of the Iron Fortress.

Yours in Victory,

Legate Marina San Saval

Okay, in other words design a Armored Personal Carrier, an armored tank-like vehicle and any support craft you feel like. The support craft can be artillery units, point defense craft, scouting and recon units, transports, maintenance vehicles, engineering vehicles, or what ever else your imagination can come up with. The armored vehicle is supposed to fill the classical tank role, but doesn't have to be an actual tank. Anything that has a large weapon capable of destroying armored opponents and is able to withstand large amounts of hostile fire would be viable.

The contest will vote for the best combined force, but since everyone will not have time to generate a APC and a Tank we will also vote for favorite Tank, APC, and support craft.

We had 12 entries for the 8th Nebula Contest and 3 people voted.

The vote totals were:
I only received three votes in the latest Nebula Contest. With that few votes compared to number of entries, the voting doesn't have any statistical significance. Everyone of the first place vote getters also got lower rankings and the winning entry didn't get any first place votes. I normally see this sort behavior in the early votes, but after 5-6 votes or so it normally settles down to a clear winner.

Receiving first place votes were the Bushfire MBT (1), Kviir K-4 Support (1) and the Raptor Tank (1). The Sunfire and Moonbow were pushed up by the fact that since I voted, they only received two votes each. Well hopefully the next contest will have more votes.