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December 22nd Pete Grey is still spewing forth planet writeups, (to the tune of 30 something) and those dominate the new pages. They are for Foreven, Spinward Marches and the Trojan Reaches. There are also writeups of several subsectors for Foreven. They are all on the OPAL Page. The only other addition is Gideon Vos, a NPC on the DANI page.

November 28th I added a huge number (30+) of planet write ups to the OPAL section, most are by Pete Grey, who's been spewing forth great quantities of material, I haven't even been able to keep up with all his designs. I also added Eamon Watter's write up of Hinterworlds Hashi subsector. Pete has been writing worlds for the Spinward Marches, Foreven and Trojan Reaches. There were a bit too many to put them in the NIS page, so I added these sectors to the OPAL section. I removed all the planet write ups from the NIS page. I might move the NPCs also, but I'll wait until I have some more to convert. I do have a large number of Regency NPCs that Alvin Plummer posted to the TML years ago. If I get time I'll post them. The NIS pages got a write up of Regency Naval designations.

The other sections of the BARD pages were not forgotten. The GAIL section got a writeup on the technological progression of time keeping devices , rules for self-contained ETC rounds and for using repulser/tractors as engine. The SARA page received the Eaaseakh System Defense Boat, the Feiwoi' Gunship, the TNE conversion of the CT Tukera Long Liner the Samson Class Clipper and its Manoh fuel pack. The VERA page got the entries for the 10th Nebula Contest, Projector Battldress and the winner :Cougar Assualt Battldress. It also got a selection of Laser Barbettes and Turrets

A couple people asked about downloading the entire BARD pages so I zipped it up (except for the Manifest Destiny Campaign PDFs in the NIS section.) and put it on the web at: http::// I'll make semi-regular updates to it. I think this version doesn't have all the latest OPAL writeups.

October 22nd Well its been quite a while since I updated the BARD pages. I apologize for that, but life's been busy. I bought a house. Updates should follow a little more regularly after this. In the CARI section I added several articles about the Zhodani Consulate, before and after the Collapse and also about the Forlorn, a minor human race. In the GAIL section I added an article about Coalition contact procedures and Cloning. In the OPAL section I added a writeup of Dethenes in the Old Expanses as well as library data for Beyond sector. In the SARA section I added the Rossi Nante Far Trader. In the VERA section I added a TNE conversion of the Classic Traveller Horronon ATV as well as standard Imperial laser turrets and meson guns. I started to put up the entries in the 10th Nebula Contest. In the Naval Intelligance Pages I added up an article about the power vacuum behind the Claw.

June 24th I added a bunch of files today. The Pixie Dust got a real name of the Shinai thanks to Jon Goff. (A shinai is the wooden sword used in kendo). I added the Forlorn minor human race to the CARI page. I added two religions to the DANI page, the Word of God and an article about the Ismya Vilani. There are four world writeups based on the Word of God in the OPAL section: Mission/Massilia, Aneth/Old Expanses, Montero/Old Expanses and Kestrel/Old Expanses. I also added a writeup for Thorell/Aubaine/Old Expanses. Alvin Plummer wrote up several articles about Madoc subsector in Diaspora, they don't quite fit the canon universe, but they are really well done. Even though they are written for the Rebellion I put them up. I also converted Eamon Watter's collapsed Hinterworlds to HTML. The first subsector is up and the second will go up soon.

I added the adventure "A Ghost from the Past" to the MARI section, and the A(P)-11 Assassination Robot featured in the adventure was added to the VERA page, along with an article about drugs. I put up an alternative version of the Lancer destroyer in the SARA section. Finally, I added Firelance Inc. to the ICIS section.

May 14th I added the history of the Aslan to the CARI page. I added Sydney Spacely and Max to the crew of the Pixie Dust. In case you aren't on the TNE mailing list, we are trying to detail the crew of a pirate ship. The name Pixie Dust is only a placeholder until someone comes up with a more interesting name. The crew can be set in any campaign setting in 1200, if a certain crew member does not fit in a given campaign, it can simply be dropped. For instance a renegade Hiver would be dropped for a Regency campaign. If you are interested send me your contribution.

In the VERA section I added the Juggernaut Grav Tank, the Alpha and Miracle mines and the VMEV mine delivery system. Keeping in that trend, I added the Jacobite Minelayer to the SARA section. The GAIL section got rules for Planetoid hulls for use with Fire, Fusion & Steel

April 29th The BARD pages are now an affiliate of They were kind enough to provide web hosting. I needed to get the pages of my grad school account and I thought this would add visibility to the pages. Downport also hosts several other Traveller pages, so check them out. Patrice Lemire sent in was inspired by some of the recent CIN articles and wrote up world descriptions for several new members of the RC in Oriflamme Subsector. Broken Empath let me know some of the links in the VERA section were messed up, and I fixed them. Also in VERA I added the Cheetah APC. I found out that the Jabberwock article in the CARI section had been overwritten by another page, and I put it back. I also added an article about the Janx, an engimatic alien race in Zhodani space. .

April 10 Dedly converted the 1120/1200 UWPs for Diaspora Sector to HTML and they now appear on the OPAL page. In addition there is a write up of the planet Keipes, and some possible developments there. I also found some useful information about Galines and made a short write up of it. Several new NPCs appear on the DANI page : Demosthenes Maximilian Donohue, Whisper, the crew of the RCS Hornet, Eibedo Oleido, Vega Zorn, the Vampire Lord Ship and its cohort in crime, Dr Manfred Strauss. Also appearing are two religions the Society for True Humanity and the Aragishge Drandirdiikun. The TNE mailing list has also started to detail a pirate ship and its crew. A draft write up of the ship and its Captain O'Doyle is also on the DANI section. The ship is supposed to be general enough that it can fit into any campaign, while the various NPCs can be from a particular setting. If they are unsuited to a given campaign, they can be dropped. Feel free to submit your own crew members. (The Pixie Dust is only a placeholder until a more interesting name can be chosen for the ship.)

On the CARI page I added an article about Smaetal Swarms and Ship's Cats. Several new CIN articles appear in the GAIL section An adventure idea called "Surprise" and Operation: Turncoat appear in the MARI section. The SARA section gets the Sudniidbaa Assault Carrier, its Yolanda Troop Transport, the Patriot Light Cruiser and the Jayasuriya Gunship. Finally the VERA gets the Schloobie and several new mines.

March 19 I finished all the 9th Nebula Contest entries and they are all on the VERA. Also there is the Horrible-Skittery-Spider-Thing, the Checker Automated Transport, the Coalition Reconnaissance Satellite and a collection of handguns from Jon Goff. In the SARA section I added the Sudniidbaa Assault Carrier and the Pathfinder Multimission Scout which was part of the 8th Nebula Contest. The GAIL section got a new set of rules for combat damage by Rupert Boleyn and several new CIN articles. I put up a world write up about Tama in So Skire subsector in the OPAL section. There are also a few web pages where I found minor typos and the like.

March 6 2000 Well its been quite a while since I updated the web page. I apologize for that. I have a fair sized backlog of material to be put up. I'll try to make weekly updates. This week I put up the remaining starships from the 8th Nebula contest in the SARA section along with two transports ships. I started put up the entries for the 9th Nebula Contest in the VERA section along with the Reformation Coalition standard mortar. In the GAIL section I put up rules for player Fame and recognition. In the DANI section I put up descriptions of Count Iqbal Haji and Arywan Owen the "daughter" of Aybee Wan Owen from the old Traveller's Digest from DGP. I also fixed up a few things including the web page for the mailing list. This includes using the current email address rather than a year old one. That should prove to be more useful. :) I also upgraded the FAQ. Hopefully next week I'll have the entries for the 9th Nebula Contest finished along with several robots.

October 18th I put up the announcement for the 9th Nebula Contest. Its to build an assortment of armored vehicles. I also put up the announcement for the results of the 8th Contest. Nick Bradbeer's Rhino Hunter Scout won. I'll post the rest of the entries soon.

October 3rd: Lots of stuff got added today. With help from Dedly I got several items from Chris Griffen's defunct website the Domain of Deneb. The gravitics weapons and the Pretorian Guard CommandoWear from his website are now on the VERA page. He had a sector write up for Old Expanses which is now on the OPAL page. Chris also started a campaign set in 1212 in Corridor sector; he wrote up a campaign sourcebook and details of Corridor sector. These files are located in the Naval Intelligence Briefing Room. Dedly is posting most of the rest of the Domain of Deneb at his website.

In addition to Chris Griffen's material I also recieved the Oriflamme Calvary Vehicle from Idiot/Savant and the 7cm L75 ETC Autocannon that is used in that vehicle and several other Oriflamme vehicles. I also received a write up of the Guild planet Jump From Patrice Lemire. None of these items appeared on the TNE mailing list, so they should be new to most people.

Speaking of the TNE list, it has been quite active and the fruits of that activity appear mostly on the VERA page. There are over twenty new designs there. There is also a write up of the Auroran Defense Forces in the OPAL section.

I have also done some cleanup and touch up: I renumbered the entries in the OPAL section, and linked the sectors to the sector listings. I also cleaned up the links on the PERI page. In the VERA and SARAsections I am trying to label the items with the planet of origin. I am only partially through this. I am trying to go through the VERA and SARA entries and make sure that they are all done with the same style. I have noticed that some of the entries use a different table style, and I want to give everything a uniform look.

The results from the 8th Nebula contest are in and Nick Bradbeer's Rhino Hunter won, but I haven't written up the announcement or most of entries. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do it this week.

September 4th: I didn't quite get it right yesterday when I said Idiot/Savant sent me new designs. They were actually revised/corrected version of the other helicopters he had submitted before. So I have replaced the older versions with the new version. He also did send along two new helicopters. As he put it, "Most are the sort of thing adventurers are likely to use when their airraft breaks down, or else make good opposition in the hands of TEDs."

September 3rd: I posted the announcement for the 8th Nebula Contest. I added Colonel Cori Stern to the DANI section, a write up on Air/Space traffic control to the GAIL section, a new company called Virusbusters to the ICIS section, a write up on the Guild world Jump to the OPAL section, the Fury Battle Rider and its tender the Nightlord to the SARA section and Oriflamme Light Assualt Armor and SmartPaint to the VERA section. Just as I was about to put this batch up, Idiot/Savant sent me several new helicopter designs, which have been added to the VERA Section. I also added a link to the Korinall Cluster webpage by Nick Bradbeer on the PERI.

August 18th: I posted the results of the 7th Nebula Contest

August 8th: I posted the entries for the Pilot Nebula Contest. They are on the DANI page in the Starship Crew section. I also put up the Fer-de-Lance Escort Destroyer in the SARA section.

July 7th: I posted the three entries for the design an engineer Nebula Contest. They are in the DANI section in the Starship Crew Section. I also added two crew members that I had converted to HTML over a year ago, but didn't connect to the DANI page.

June 25th: The rules for the 6th Nebula Contest are up. I finally got around to adding my write up on uplifted Jabberwocks to CARI I added the Knights of St. George to DANI. I also added an example knight: Sir Rachelle Muller and an example Jabberwock: Crpl Rafton Clark. A write up for Oriflamme was added to the OPAL. I am also rearranging the OPAL section. Right now I have rearranged it, but I haven't changed any of the file numbers, so the numbers on the OPAL page do not match the actual file numbers.

June 19th: As a change of pace I added rules for Vampires to the CARI section. They aren't really a minor race, but I didn't have anyplace better for them. In the GAIL section I added several new skills by Harold Hale and an article about Imperial swords, many of which will be found in the Wilds and some will survive in the RC. In the HANA section I added several articles about the Solomani invasion of Alpha Crucis and the Old Expanses. The OPALsection got an article about RC monetary policy and write ups of Baldur/Old Expanses and Iiselu/Diaspora. In the SARA section I updated all the Hiver and Ithklur ships that TravlerTNE wrote up. I also added the Extended Duration Survey Pod for the Belladonna Clipper. Finally the VERA section got three new planes, a pistol for SolSec agents and the Gladiator Grav Tank. Several of the articles I added were taken from emails on the TNE mailing list and were not written as articles originally. I thought they were interesting and I tried to put them in a format that fit the BARD pages.

May 16th: I just found a bunch of designs that were sent into the TNE mailing list, but I hadn't added to the BARD pages so I have started converting them over. I added 14 Gauss Guns, the GLRA-13 Grenade Launcher, the Hand Cannon, the TL-5 Light Passenger/Cargo Plane, the Rannian Grav Tank and Grav Sled, the Solomani GrPz-IV Grav Tank and the Rh 33 Mag Mass Driver for the GrPz-IV all to the VERA section. I also added the Psionic Anagathics rules to the GAIL section, and the history of the Battle of Ganesh and a view of the Collapse to the HANA section. The OPAL section got a write up of the physical properites of the RC worlds. I also fixed mistakes in various writeups that I saw. Well there is still a fair bit to convert over, but it will have to wait for a while.

May 7th: I added the results from the 5th Nebula Contest, and the first batch of entries from the Contest to the VERA Section. I also added the Cyclops Deep space probe, Hell Hound Security Bot and a write up of high tech camping furniture to VERA. Places for several of the Nebula robots and several other robots were created, but the write ups have not been finished yet. I added Red Hoffmayer a murderous Oriflamme Technarch to the DANI section. I also updated my version of the Leviathan Assualt Transport to SARA. My previous version was done with Thruster Plates and SSDS rules. There are also a couple of new CIN articles in CIN package 7 in the GAIL section.

April 2nd: I added the Belladona Exploratory Clipper to the SARA section. Patrice sent in New Era details of the worlds of the Khavle Accordment a Hard Times era nation in Diaspora Sector. These are in the OPAL section along with an alternative description of Schotz in Sko Skire Subsector of the Old Expanses. There is also a CIN article about Schotz in CIN package 7 in the GAIL section. In VERA the Laser Blade, a solar powered Laser Pistol and self powered Gauss weapons were added.

I was trying to revise the organization of some of the BARD pages subpages. First up is the VERA Page (focusing on equipment). Originally it only had two divisions equipment and vehicles. I figured there needed to be more divisions so I came up with this tenative scheme.

Let me know if there is anyway to improve on it. Tomorrow I'll be posting the entries to the Nebula Contest on Robots.

March 17th: I haven't done anything to the BARD pages in a while mainly because I haven't received anything to put up. I did update the address for the Confederation of Nightrim in the PERI pages. Derek has updated and expanded these pages, so check them out.

Febuary 6th I copied the Alpha Crucis world write ups that Idiot/Savant wrote up for the 2.4 release of Galactic into the OPAL section. I also posted the Transstar Board of Directors to the DANI section. I was also informed that the NIS pages were down, and I have fixed that so they should be up now. That's all for now.

January 28th Idiot/Savant sent me a write up on The RCS Angkor Wat one of the heroes of the New Era. It is available on the SARA section for your viewing pleasure.

January 23rd: Well it looks like I won't be updating thinsg quite as often as before, but when I do I'll update alot. Today I just uploaded the Grey Ghost Fighter Wing to the DANI section, a write up of Secret Weapons of the Rebellion to the HANA section, write ups of Schotz in Old Expanses, Pesuuzu, Hatfield, and Six Gun to OPAL. Eamon informed me that I had some of the UPPs wrong in the Ring Pact worlds; hopefully they are fixed now. I added a write up of the failed Pocket Empire the Alliance of Stars to teh PERI section. The VERA section got a listing of new materials, suitable for use in FFS. The SARA section got the most additions, with updates of the Archangel SDB, Serpent SPB, Galahad monitors and the ATEF SDB, Admiral Battle Rider, Fulton SDB, the 1000-class SDB, the Aries Patrol Cruiser and the Cleon Battle Tender. Well that is about it for today. :)

December 20th: Over the last week I have added quite a few new pages. I added the Triceratops fighter, the Haven mobile starport, the Eyeball series of probes, the Hiver DD-IVb Destroyer and the Hiver Tschudi battle rider to the SARA section. I added two articles on Solomani missiles, and conversions of the AN-94 and G11 assault rifles to the VERA section. To the OPAL section I added a write up of the Vampire fleet stationed in the Mitchell system, including the Dawn League scout Helos. There is also a short write up of the Enkidu boneyard. Two representatives to the Assembly are in the DANI section.

I found that there was a problem with the link from each web page to the main BARD pages. I have fixed the problem with all but the VERA, OPAL and SARA sections. Of course these pages have the most entries to change. :) I'll fix them in the next week or so.

December 9th: Well I am finally moved into my new house, and I have had some time to start editing the BARD pages again. First up is the Ring Pact, a Pocket Empire in the Hinterworlds. The description of the Pact is in the PERI section, and the world write ups are in the OPAL section. I hope to once again begin periodic updates of the BARD pages, and soon I'll post some Hiver ships.

October 16th The pages were down for a while, as a Hacker hit our site and took out our server. Also around the same time we changed web servers and the new version of the software didn't like how I did the referencing, but I fixed all of that and everything should be working. Pleas let me know if there is anyting wrong.

You probably have noticed that nothing has been added to the Pages in quite a while, that was becasue I was finishing up my Ph.D. Well it is done know and I start a new job, so I should have more free time. Until I get an ISP, I don't know if I'll be able to update the pages, but I'll be working on things at home, and when I do get a chance to update things, expect a bunch of things all at once.

August 2nd: I added the Equalizer MMG to the VERA section.

August 1st: I added several things today. I added the 20-mm Rotary Autocannon to VERA. I added the Eyeball series of probes to SARA. The adventure Shadowbox, to MARI. Jordan O'Brien, the Director of OBD, was added to DANI, while teh OBD was added to the Transstar section on the ICIS page.

July 29th: I actually put something up that was new! I added the Saturn Class Military Transport to the SARA page. Hopefully more new material will be forthcoming shortly.

July 16th: E.D. Quibell pointed out that the link for the TNE-RCES mailing list FAQ was incorrect, and I corrected that. I am still working on my disseratation, and free time is in small supply, soon I'll be done and wil update this pages. I promise!

June 24th: The BARD pages went down for a few days after the hard drive where they were stored crashed. I brought back a copy from the last backup tape. Since I haven't updated them lately, there shouldn't be anything missing, but let me know if there is.

April 30th: I fixed up the Empire of Solee writeups that I had messed up the other day. These are in the PERI section. So now all three of the pages are present. I also started converting the Ring Pact, the Hiver stepping stone in the Hinterworlds.

April 28th: I added two new corporations to ICIS, and I added a Tactical circular on Grav belts to the last CIN report.

April 17th: I got the rest of the Nebula entries up. I put Enrico Zaldus and Lt. Cmmdr. Ulianov on the DANI page, but I put Isnardrin and DZ21Q on the MARI page, because it seemed more like a one shot adventure than a repeatable NPC encounter.

April 10th I added two NPCs that were submitted to the Nebula Contest, to the DANI page.

March 27th: I added the Zaldus Corporation to the ICIS, and I rearanged the DANI section. Eventually when I get some free time (HA!) I'll do a rearrange many of the sections. Several of the pages have too many items on one page, so I'll break it down into sub pages. For instnace in the OPAL page, I'll have each of the subsections on a separate page.

I also added the Jgd-Il-Jagd to CARI.

March 23rd: I added some details about the Thaggeshi and Answerin in the New Era, from Chris Griffen. I also added a link to Chris's web page about the Regency to the PERI section. He also has several sectors of with 1200 stats. Check it out.

March 20th: I added the Thaggeshi, Answerin, Irhadre and Cafadi to the CARI section on minor human races. This shows you how fast text files are to convert to HTML, rather than tables like in starships. :)

March 19th: I added the Brinn, Prt' and the Tapazmali to the CARI section.

March 8th: I added the Tigress Dreadnought to SARA section, the Torch Flashlaser to the VERA section and the second adventure to the MARI section, this time a scenario for Striker II.

March 6th: I added a speech by the Empress of Solee to the PERI section, rules for generating Ayanshi to the CARI section and the Annihilation Close escort to the SARA.

March 3rd: I finally got up the last two Nebula entries for the Third Nebula Contest.

March 1st: Well I added a bunch of stuff in the last week and I didn't list any of it here, sorry about that, but this should cover everything. In the SARA section I added the Hecate SDB and its Jump Pod, the Lancer and Fusilier Destroyers and the Vixen and Amazonia Scouts. I still have two Nebula contest SDBs to do, which I haven't forgotten, I just had these other ships sitting on my disk drive at home, and finally got a chance to post them.

In the VERA section I added the Black Talon, Ranger and Paladin Battledress, a 15-mm Autocannon and the Hornet UCAV. I added a new bunch of CIN articles in GAIL. These are all in Package 8. I also added three new careers for the Confederation of Nightrim, even those they are written for the Confederation of Nightrim, they are usable in other settings. Personally I am going to use the Force Recon Marines in my RC campaign. Finally I added the Order of Battle for the Empire of Solee in the PERI section.

Febuary 20th: I added The Wyvern and the Beacon SDBs to SARA, only two more Nebula Entries to go.

Febuary 15th: I add a trio of fighters to SARA. I still have several of the Nebula Contest entries to enter, but TravelrTNE sent me the HTML forms, so it was simple to put them up.

Febuary 12th: I added the Emperor Gavin SDB to the SARA section.

Febuary 8th: I added the Regulator SDB, Ahven SDB, Shambalator Escort, Yatagan Missile Frigate to SARA, and changed the Manticore SDB to accomedate its new Meson Gun. I also added pictures to the Artemis.

January 29th: Its been a while, but I did manage to get one chapter of my dissertation to my committee. :) As for the BARD pages, I put up the results of the Third Nebula Contest and put up the stats for the winner. in SARA. I also added the Lucifer Destroyer Escort and fixed the weapons table on the Rapier.

January 1st: I found out that I hadn't updated the Second Nebula contest results correctly. My apolgies to the particpants. I also found out that I hadn't included the designs for the Rankine Couriers on the winning entry the Fearless. They should now be corrected.

December 30th: Well this will probably be the last thing for the year. The Third Nebula Design Contest is up and running check it.

December 6th I added the Eben Emael and the Mosquito to SARA.

December 14th: I added two Solomani Gauss weapons, the Screamer Autocannon and the Pancor Jackhammer Shotgun to the VERA. I also added the Crusader and the Grand Crusader to SARA. The two ships have no relationship to each other, just that Crusader is a popular name.

December 2nd: Well I added a whole bunch of ships to the SARA These include the Nebula contest entries. Actually I forgot the Cross of Iron at home, but I'll get that up tomorrow. There are also several new SDBs and the Orrimot Logistics Ship.

November 22nd: Its been a while since I updated the BARD pages, the main reason for this is that I have started writing my Ph.D. dissertation. I am keeping a copy of everything that I get or see on the TNE-RCES mailing list, and it will eventually make its way to the BARD pages. Today I added two articles by the late Eric Bould, covering Medals and Awards of the RC in the GAIL section, and the Chruch Manichean from Baldur in the DANI section.

October 25th: Idiot/Savant that productive guy sent in another two planes for the VERA section

October 17th: Idiot/Savant sent into armored vehicles for the VERA section.

October 15th: I added a RCES operative codenamed Voodoo to the DANI. I also added the Vampire Reginald. I fixed up some of the links between the pages I added the other day. In addition I added two new careers to the GAIL section.

October 12th: Well its been a while, but I should be able to get a bunch of stuff up in the next few weeks. Last night I added the Rapier, Malkop and Jackal starships to SARA. I also added the four worlds of the Confederation of Nightrim, to the OPAL Section. I also updated the PERI page to point at the new web page for the Confederation of Nightrim. I added the Ayanshi to the CARI section. I added the crew of the Artemisia to the DANI Finally I added two new weapons, the 10mm ACR and the Warhammer Assualt Shotgun to VERA

I just added a bunch of New CIN articles to the GAIL, and also a new Homeworld generation chart.

September 5th: I added the Flamsteed Fleet tanker and the Manticore SDB to SARA. I put up a new version of the Vargr generation rules in CARI.

I created a TNE-RCES Mailing List FAQ.

September 2nd: I found out that several of the links from Massilia sector to world write ups didn't work, and I fixed them. Derek Stanley sent in another CIN news article, it is in the latest bunch of articles in GAIL. Franklin Cain sent several of the house rules he uses in his campaign, these have been added to GAIL.

August 26th: Idiot/Savant sent me another vehicle, this time the Prospector's Buggy from Beltstrike. It is in the VERA. While adding this, I noticed that I had screwed up the previous three vehicles, so that they couldn't be linked to, but I have fixed it.

August 22th: I posted the background for the second Nebula Design Contest. This time up we are building a Vampire Hunter. Chris Griffen suggested that I move over his Massilia subsector maps to the OPAL page, where they can be found under the Massilia entry. Idiot/Savant sent in a write up for the planet Welch in Shenk subsector. I added the Medusa and Chimera System Defense Boats to SARA.

August 12th: The TNE-RCES mailing list collapsed Massilia Sector, and I got the sector data up. Worlds with long write ups got their own entry in the OPAL section, while shorter ones, were just detailed on the subsector page. The Tanny Project, a pocket empire in Massilia was added to PERI. Several new hand guns were added to the VERA section. Franklin Cain has been creating some house rules for TNE, without a better place to put them, I have been putting them in GAIL, its become the place to put anything that doesn't fit somewhere else. Eamon Watters pointed out that the Vargr Generation rules were missing, so I will recreate them and get them up soon.

July 29th: I added the Nebula Design contest submissions to the SARA section. I also added write ups of the planets; Umkarguu and Etienne, to the OPAL section. Juha Kyllvnen pointed out that the VTA wasn't actually linked in with the PERI section. so I fixed that. I added the new philosphy skill to the GAIL section. Franklin Cain sent in, Rescue Ru(i)n, a Brilliant Lances scenario, which is also the first entry in the MARI area. Idiot/Savant sent in a TL-9 SMG which was put in the VERA section.

July 16th: I added the Voskl Trade Union to PERI, and the worlds of the VTA to the OPAL section. I also added the wilds world Janazzo to OPAL. I added two shuttles built with out gravitics, there is an exploration model and a commerical model. These are in SARA.

July 1st: I added a shotgun and gauss sniper rifle to the VERA equipment section. I also updated the Adrian page in OPAL, Franklin has expanded the write up.

June 27th: I added the Nebula Design Contest learn how to win fame, fortune and the adoration of your peers. Well okay, all you get is a gif, but it might be fun. :)

June 26th: I added the Common Bulk Transport and the Alchemists Lab/Scout to the SARA section. I also added three Spiri Assembly people to the DANI section.

June 20th: I added two more plane designs VERA section. I cleaned up several entries in the SARA section, found out that one of the first entries; the Sundowner was messed up and I fixed it, some of the text was garbled by a bad URL. I also found out that the Protectorate of Alba page had the wrong permission so that no one could access it, I have fixed it.

June 17th: I finally finished adding the Alpha Crucis sector stats to the OPAL page. This was done by the TNE mailing list, and I think we did a good job. I also added a whole bunch of starships to SARA. Idiot/Savant sent me several planes and heliocopters, and these are up now.

June 13th: Its been quite a while. I added the write up of Aurora to the OPAL section. I straightened up something things on the SARA page. I am in the midst of adding the Alpha Crucis sector to the OPAL page, I am just missing two subsectors, and I'll have those done on Monday. Idiot/Savant sent me two planes in HTML format and I added them up. Thanks Idiot/Savant.

May 28th: Franklin W. Cain sent me a new version of the Droyne charecter generation rules, which I have updated. I also added his rules on Vargr. I have been pretty lax, on putting new stuff up, and that should change. Check back soon.

May 12th: I added 10 new ships to the SARA section. I also fixed the Griffen SDB.

May 1st: I added Ash Marler to the crew of the Argo in the DANI section. I added to VERA, several planes which I downloaded from the Traveller Mailing List. I also added two Solomani naval vessels to the SARA section. These also were downloaded from the Traveller Mailing List.

April 29th: I added several new CIN news stories to the CIN database. I also took Derek Stanley's advice and put all non official new stories in a separate file.

April 28th: I added a bunch of new planes to the VERA section. I also added the KruyterCorp Cargo Tank to VERA. The Griffen SDB was added to SARA, and finally rules for generating Droyne characters were added to CARI.

April 18th: I added the PERI section, it will cover Pocket Empires. Right now it is merely a set of links to other people's web pages, but hopefully it will eventually have data of its own.

April 17th: I added the Vorohsief Battleship, the Phantom Q-Ship and another version of the Wilds Trader to the SARA section. I added a write up of the A.N.V. Argo to the DANI section. I also added a write up of the Vemene to the DANI section.

April 15: I added the Empress Marava, Princess Allianah, Fusilier to the SARA page. Sometime I added the Goshawk and Sidhe Far Traders, but I don't remember when. I add several new Tac-Codes sent in my Larry Hadley. I also added the Vemene to the DANI section.

April 14: I added the CIN articles from Vampire Fleets, to the CIN news feed. Tomorrow I should have a bunch of stuff.

April 8: I added Biowarfare rules to the Crichton in the DANI section, Roos to the CARI section, Apollo OPAL section. I added a new newsGAILdsara.html">GAIL. Jeff Brawley pointed out that Hans Pritcher was missing a stat for Charisma in his UPP. Thanks Jeff.

April 4: Added the Morrigan Armed Scout to SARA, added Comet Singh to OPAL. I found that I had added Micheal Crichton as a friend of the coalition, when the Vampire is actually an enemy. Chalk it up to Guild spies. I also added Gerome/Spinward Marches and Hexos/Spinward Marches to my Traveller page.

April 3: Fixed up a few bugs in the CIN documents. They look much better now. I also added the 1200 data for Old Expanses and Diaspora.

April 2: I added the Vampire ship Micheal Crichton to the Dani section and the Artemis Armed Scout to the SARA section.

March 31: I added a trio of Laser Handguns, and the Myopic DecoVERAdsara.html">VERA page. I added more on Deep Space Refueling to GAIL. I added the true history on the Hiver's manipulation of the K'Kree. I also added the planetary write up of Lewis/Aramis/Spinward Marches to the Generic Traveller section.

March 28: I added this What's New page. Also added CIN database to GAIL. Thinking about adding a PERI setion, "Pocket Empire Recorded Information". It would detail pocket empires. What do you think?

March 23: Added the crew of the Starship Argo and Akron Song to the DANI page. Also added Ra, Eos, Baldur and Graf write ups to OPAL. Added Wayfarer Scout Cruiser to SARA.

March 22: Moved the BARD pages from their old site on Paul Walker's web page. Rearanged the OPAL and SARA sections.

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