IMTU Home rule

Ego (Frued's Ego [as in SuperEgo, Id, and Ego]) is a copy of D&D's "Lawful vs. Chaotic" alignment. This is the nature of a person to be organized or disorganized, but in a more visceral way than than simply whether or not you're neat or sloppy.

IMTU this attribute is determined during the character generation phase of the game by either dice throw (2D), or player/GM discussion (a player may want to play a particularly organized or disorganized character), or by modified dice throw.

See the text on the Charitability attribute for a discussion of related material.

Examples: (Hmmm, these are wild guesses)
2 = Timothy Leary
12 = Oliver North

Note: This is not a comment on whether or not these people are "good people" (that would
be the Charitability attribute), only on how organized and/or structured a person they are.

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