IMTU Home rule

Enc (Encounter Social) is the average person-on-the-streets gut estimation of a players normal social standing attribute (SOC).

Created during the character generation phase of the game by standard 2D throw.

This number can be modified negatively by a point or two fairly easily by the player stating that they wish to "soc down", i.e. look more trampy. Beyond that the player will have to go incognito (i.e. take specific steps to hide their true nature and social standing). While incognito there is always a chance of exposure (usually resulting in negative initial reactions). Modifying up is more difficult, and may require some training and/or proper dress.

This stat is obviously extremely subjective, and of limited use, but I've found it useful in day-to-day first impressions and first encounters. I created the stat after some players tried to pose as nobles. It occured to me that there is more to being a noble than simply wearing noble cloths. Furthermore, I think that beyond the next most obvious things such as manners and the way you walk, there are subtleties that people may pick up on. That's not to say I think that nobles have some true divine nature, but I suspect that being raised as a noble you will acquire personality traits that may be difficult to rid yourself of. And conversely, being born in the slums it may be difficult to ever truly look like a noble.


2 = Aragorn of LOTR
    (He is actually of high nobility, but people would never guess it when he's out striding around.)

12 = Prince Charles of England
    (He probably couldn't pose as a commoner if his life depended on it.)

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