Dr. Ezekyl Esterhousen

Str 4
Dex 5
End 4
Int C
Edu E
Soc 8
Enc A
Chr 6
Will B
Char 5
Ego A
Oceanography 6
Geology 4
Research 6
Leader 2
Admin 2
Electronics 4
Bribery 1
Weapon Skills

Foil 3

40' motor boat (water)
400' research ship (water)
sea-plane, dual prop engines
2 foils
several respirators

Lead scientist
    at Rift research area

Scientist working on the Great Rift.  Has been lobbying the Imperium to establish a permanent 
research station.  Wants to do experiments on the weak spot in the Rift.  Needs to overcome 
both local opposition, and 3I bureaucracy.  May ask PC's to bribe officials for him.

Ambitious, brilliant, driven, not terribly nice or concerned about others