Jenny Andero

Str 8
Dex A
End A
Int 9
Edu 7
Soc 6
Enc 5
Chr 8
Will A
Char 9
Ego 4
Wheeled vehicle 4
Fixed Winged aircraft 2
A/R 1
Mechanical 3
Electronics 1
Survival 3
Streetwise 2
Weapon Skills
Rifle 1
Shotgun 1
Dagger 3
Handgun 2
several respirators
survival kit
9mm in concealed hip holster
several loaded spare clips
bowie knife in shin sheath

Pet dog:

Andero is an outback truck driver. She owns her own rig including several different trailers. She drives all along southern and northwestern Artasia from New Portland to Enteresea, and she is extremely knowledgable of those roads. She has been to sites C, D, and E several times, and she's been to H a handfull of times. She has a small cabin near the central mountains of Artasia and west of the desert, just at the foot of the southern most mountain icon in the center of this triangle. The cabin is several miles off of the main road in an area similar to the rolling hills of eastern Colorado. At the cabin she has an older, but still driveable rig, and a three or four trailers (she usually has a trailer or two at New Portland, Topel City, and Enteresea, and she also frequently leases trailers). Her rig can pull up to three trailers at a time.

Andero was born in 1070 and grew up on the outskirts of New Portland where her parents still live. Her father still works as a car mechanic with his own shop in New Portland. Her mother runs the books of the shop. Jenny learned much of her Mechanical 3 skill right at home. She has two younger brothers, the youngest of whom enlisted in the Imperial Navy and is stationed in the Regina area. The other brother works in New Portland as a tool and die maker. Jenny is very close to her family, and she visits them often. The other part of Jenny's family is her dog Spike. Spike is a pitbull who she adopted from a roadside diner who's guard dog had a litter of pups. She raised Spike, and the two are very tight. Spike lives in the rig with Andero where he also serves as an excellent guard dog.

Andero is tough, resourceful, and usually a loner. Belizo is statistically a very safe place, but Andero travels alone with sometimes valuable cargoes so she doesn't take chances. While driving she always has a concealed 9mm on her left side, and she's fast on a cross-draw (not gunslinger fast, but very competant). She's also trained herself to left-draw (she's right handed) in the event that someone messes with her from her passenger seat side. As a backup she carries a two sided dagger in a concealed shin holster. She can sometime be more dangerous with the dagger than with the handgun. Either way she is a tough adversary.

Jenny completed an associates degree in mechanics at the age of 20, and she was thinking of working at her dad's shop, but she felt a wunderlust to explore the outback so she signed on at Sternmetal as a truck driver hauling ore from site C to New Portland. At the age of 24, after four years working for Sternmetal, she signed as an assistant driver with a one man company who wanted a night-shift driver to keep his rig running 24x7. At 28, after another four years she formed her own company, bought her own rig, and started driving on her own.

Andero will, occasionally, carry paying passengers in her cab if they have references, and if they pay well. She charges 1/2 credit per mile per person, and since she has a very extended cab (which serves as her home while she's on the road), she could actually carry a whole player character group though she'd start to charge more then her usual going rate if it got too crowded. Since there are frequently no accomodations she provides a tent for passengers to sleep in when she stops overnight. She typically travels about 100 mph on the highways and 50 mph on dirt roads (there are generally no speed limits in rural Belizo).

Her Outbacker skills, of course, could be valuable to player characters, and she might agree to be a guide as well as a driver if the characters had a load to haul, or if she had a load that could suffer a few days delay.

Andero is contemplating having a child, and raising the child on the road as a single mom. She might consider marrying, however, if she met the right man and if he was willing to be a driving partner. But she will not be interested in a man who isn't willing to travel. Driving out in the countryside is her passion.

Andero dated Raik Greywolf for a few years (a few years back), and they are still friends even though their lifestyles did not mesh. They frequently provide references for each other.