Raik Greywolf                                                                   Click here for original style.

Str A
Dex 8
End B
Int 9
Edu 5
Soc 4
Enc 4
Chr 7
Will A
Char 7
Ego 8

Survival 6
Tracking 3
Stealth 2
Tactics 2
Streetwise 2
Wheeled Vehicle 1

Weapon Skills:  

Dagger 2
Revolver 4
Brawling 2


Physical Description:

140 year old, Vilani Male
Height:   6'1"   ()
Weight:   200 lbs   (Solid)
Brown Eyes,   Caucasian, some Amer. Ind. Skin
Short straight, Black Hair,   and facial hair of: Clean shaven

Dress style (poorly -> well): 8
Keywords: Rough hewn       Physical Marks: Belizen "Filter-face"

Notes: Ruddy and rugged outbacker look


Will:   A
Introvert/Extrovert:   4
Confidence:   9
Optimism:   A
Energy:   B
Organization:   8
Personality Keywords: Loner       Personality Features:
Notes: Observant, in tune with nature

Service History:

Career: Outbacker     For 125 years

Pet hawk: "Chacky"



Before service:

Greywolf is a Belizen Outbacker. He lives off the land, following the instincts of a very distant American Indian ancestor. Greywolf loves the land and he's deeply in tune with the rhythms of Belizo. Greywolf was born in 965 and is thus 140 years old in 1105, but about 105 of those years have not affected him since he's been taking anagathics.

Greywolf's parents were Belizen farmers who lived between the western mountains of Eumasia and the coast of the Straights of Eumasia. Greywolf began trekking at the age of 15 though he frequently returned home to visit, and to help on the farm. When he was 25 his parents died of natural causes within a year of each other. Since he was an only child he decided to let the farm go wild, and to just live off the outback. He sometimes did prospecting, and when he was 30 years old he discovered a significant lode of Silver in the north western mountains of Eumasia. He sold this location to Sternmetal Horizons for several million dollars which was a good deal for both parties: for him since he never could have kept the site secret long enough to make that much money, and Sternmetal since they ended up making several tens of millions from the deposit before it was exhausted. Greywolf kept the money in the bank, and used it almost exclusively on anagathics while he continued to live off the land. The last of that money ran out in about 1100, and he's been working for extra cash ever since.

Greywolf hopes to live long enough to breath the air of Belizo without a filter mask. Toward that end he frequently acts as a guide to make spare money which he continues to spend on anagathics. He also does prospecting, scouting, and fossil hunting. He's generally very good at this, and he's known as someone who can find things. On several occasions he's been hired to track down lost animals and twice, lost children. He's succeeded in all these attempts. He knows all the lettered locations from the Places page from previous visits during his own explorations. He's been on just about every mile of major road in both outbacks (there aren't a lot of roads other than the main transcontinental routes).

If the terra-forming process follows an optimistic, though not impossible, projection, and if he's able to make enough money to buy some more anagathics he just might make his goal. He knows it's not an impossible goal so he continues to aim for it. He is, however, an honorable man so he'll never flagrantly break a law to make money for anagathics. If he knows something is environmentally safe he might bend a few laws. Most Outback land is pretty much wide open to live off of, but if there is any law which he's most likely to violate it would be trespassing. Thus he could fairly easily be convinced (with cash) to lead PC's to just about any location on the planet (he could find site G, but his skills are much more valuable on the land). He will only do this though if he knows the PC's are not going to damage (through intent, indifference, or ignorance) the land. The perfect case might be if the characters wanted to steal something from a mega-corp site. He could, without too much moral difficulty, consider it an issue between two third parties, and as long as the land would not be hurt he wouldn't care too much about it.

Greywolf dated Jenny Andero for a few years (a few years back). The relationship didn't work out only because their lifestyles were too different and each was dedicated to their own. They are thus still great friends, and they're frequent pen palls (at least as often as Greywolf can get to a post box). They also frequently provide references for each other, and should be in close enough contact to know where the other can be found.

Greywolf has a pet hawk which he calls "Chacky" and which he purchased as a chick in 1099. Like all such natural predators Chacky is incapable of reproducing (the Fero Rat could never survive such a species introduction). Since Chacky is fixed, however, he is allowed to roam free, and to feed on Fero Rats (one hawk does not endanger the species). Chacky is well trained, and while aloft he's sensitive to his surroundings. Thus by watching Chacky Greywolf can usually tell if someone is approaching (or he's approaching someone or something). Lately Greywolf has been contemplating buying a small remote button cam for Chacky to wear on a collar. Greywolf could then use Chacky as a recon camera. Greywolf has not done this yet and he may never since it goes against his sense of what's natural, but he has thought about it. A player group might be able to purchase such a thing for Greywolf in which case he would permit Chacky to wear it.

Greywolf has lived in the outback for over 120 years. Even though he's been taking anagathics much of the time he still has accumlated many scars as well as the typical "filter-face" look of old rural Belizen's. Similarly his exposed skin is very sun-worn as well as a bit muddied from the constant exposure to sulfur and other taints. These characteristics are not health hazards, but Greywolf does look obviously like an outbacker.

Service history:
Greywolf has been a Belizen Outbacker for 125 years. He's pretty good at it.

Service notes: