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Belizo is a relative back water planet. The local population of roughly nine million inhabitants govern themselves with a representative democracy, and support a local tech level of five (essentially just prior to WWII). However Belizo is fully integrated into the Imperium, and with a type B starport Imperial level technology items are common, and not too difficult to obtain locally.

Belizo's most curious feature is its geophysical history. Roughly five million years ago the planet was struck by a massive asteroid from the nearby "Life Belt" asteroid belt. Prior to this the planet was a water world with almost no land based life, and relatively little ocean life. The impact, however, caused massive tectonic activity, and with it a burst of life.

Now in the middle of an expected 10+ million year window of life Belizo has a promising future. Terra-forming operations are underway to remove the Sulfur compound taint from the atmosphere, and several hundred years of planned crop plantings and fertilization have yielded large areas of rich soil. Homestead land is free to anyone as long as you nurture as much land as you harvest from.

Belizo is a world working toward a future. If things go as planned within one to two hundred years Belizo will be a planet rich with life and goods. Belizens look forward to a future of clean air with blue skies and rich soil, and they're working feverishly to see that future soon.

NOTE: This data is relevant circa 1105.                                                       For questions or comments contact the Belizo Tourist Bureau main desk.

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