Belizo Creeper

The Belizo Creeper is a ground hugging vine which grows in the non-desert, temperate, regions of Belizo. The creeper can grow vine arms up to one hundred feet long, but usually the plants re-roots itself within ten to twenty feet. This re-root point then acts as a new plant, growing new arms.

There is usually a central stalk which has branches which stretch up to about a foot away from the central stalk. Leaves then grow from the branches, usually with ten to thirty leaves per branch. Sometimes there are sub-branches off of the branches. New arms do not form from the branches, but instead come from the root point. The central stalks are very strong, and when debranched can be bundled together to form a reliable rope. Outbackers, use the Creeper frequently for this purpose (requires Survival - 1).

There is no edible part to the Belizo Creeper; however, like all things on Belizo there is nothing in the plant to hurt humans. It simply has no nutritional value for humans. All of the Belizo insects eat Creeper leaves. Like many of the plants on Belizo the Creeper leaves usually have a blueish tint to them. In the Autumn, however, they attain Earthly yellows, golds, and browns.