Belizo Mushroom

Other than a few species of bacteria, and one species of ocean krill the Belizo Mushroom is the only reducer on Belizo. It grows on dead vegitation from just about any plant found on Belizo. It can be found at any latitudes which aren't frozen year round, and it can be found in desert regions after a hard rain (it does not, however, thrive in the desert).

The mushrooms are edible by humans, and in fact have an excellent taste. For some reason the Sulfur presence has somehow enhanced the traditional mushroom flavor to provide a rich meaty texture and taste.

Human settlers have introduced several variants of the Belizo Mushroom. Since the Belizo Mushroom does a particularly good job of isolating Sulfur human settlers use the variants in their arsenal of terra-forming plants. All of the variants are edible (there is essentially no poisenous life of any sort on Belizo), but the wild, non-engineered, versions are considered, by far, the best tasting.