Desert Ant

The Desert Ant is the most highly developed insect species on Belizo. They are colony based, and they are mostly plant eaters, but they can also scavenge from insect carcasses so they are essentially omnivores. Despite the name, the Desert Ant can be found in any of the temperate (or warmer) areas of Belizo (essentially anything which isn't frozen). They live in excavated underground colonies.

Despite their reddish color the Desert Ant has no sting and is benign to humans. They are common throughout Belizo, but they are not found in great numbers. It's rare to find more than one colony per acre. They are eaten by the Fero Rat, but since the Fero is an omnivore it can be said that the Desert Ant does not have a chief predator.

Like Terrestrial ants the colony is organized around a queen ant. New born queens have wings, and can fly several miles. After finding an acceptable new colony site the new queen sheds her wings, and borrows into the ground to lay her eggs. Typical colonies have one to ten thousand ants.