Green Scorpion

The Green Scorpion is an obvious transplant for several reasons. First of all, it's a mimic insect. That is, it evolved to look like a deadly insect so that it could reap the protective benefit that a real deadly insect gets from its venom. Yet there is no real scorpion on Belizo that it could mimic, and scientists know there never has been. In addition to this visually obvious evidence the Green Scorpions DNA is clearly not native to Belizo.

The Green Scorpion has a protrusion which looks like a stinger, but in fact this is just a false stinger. The insect is instead simply a benign leaf eater.

The Green Scorpion eats leaves of the Belizo Creeper as well as the leaves of the Prickleberry Shrub, and some of the native grasses of Belizo.

The Fero Rat eats Green Scorpions.